Have yourself a 20-years old 8-bit Amiga sample pack; now with 16-bit 44.1 kHz WAVs


I did a Yamaha RY-30 sound editor, I even added randomise functions. The XG tools. An AHI output tool for B&P and tools to control the Delfina DSP software from within B&P (you could automate EQ changes and so on). I also did a MIDI output tool for B&P which let you use any 3rd party serial card for MIDI.

Getting a programming job totally kills your enthusiasm for writing code though lol.


Yes, you can set a delay between bytes as well as messages. However, I don’t think a lot of Shruthi users are still on the Amiga…


Regarding upsampling: the minBLEP S&H trick described in your link only makes sense if the samples are played without any pitch change and at a sample rate known in advance. Still a good trick to make a sample (or a master!) crunchy.


I loved OctaMED, but when I moved to my big box Amiga and used a 16-bit sound card the MIDI and audio weren’t syncronised well. Now that people aren’t quite so obsessed with high quality samples it might be fun to go back to using OctaMED with 8-bit samples.

I kinda like the tracker interface for making music. I don’t like to keep swapping between the mouse and the keyboard. Even now I can just about remember the keys :slight_smile:


@pichenettes Yeah, that approach only makes sense if you were to write a dedicated chromatic 8-bit Amiga sample playback app with MIDI input for a modern computer.

@6581punk Have you tried ReNoise?


Chipsounds can support Amiga MOD, MED, OKT and DW Sample import and play them over a modeled paula chip

They can also model the computer speaker or dac if you are wanting to go that far:


I actually just followed my own advice, and chipsounds works really well with the multisampled filter sounds. You can use a keymap down in c-2 to toggle between each version of the cutoff sample.


The Minimig lives!

Now I only need to find a PS2 keyboard somewhere so I can test it properly…




Yeah ! Thank you for that. My Octamed/A600 couple will be soooo happy with that !


Hey t2k, do you still have the 44.1kHz converted zip?


@mfc83 Please try again. It was temporary unavailable because of some server stuff we needed to do.


Got it, thanks!


I’ve been told by @audiohoarder to put the collection on Archive.org so you can find it there now.


Amiga my first computer! Thanks!


@t2k Oh you have a Minimig! I kind of missed the last big of this topic when it was on the old forum…
Any experience with it you want to share? How does it work for you?


I no longer have the Minimig since it was the first price in the The Amiga Sample Pack Rave Compo.

I do still own my Amiga 500 on which all of this got started and I’ve got a tricked out Amiga 1200 in the office as well.

I did some testing on the Minimig back when I had it and as far as I could figure out, it worked perfectly fine. I would recommend getting a second-hand Amiga 1200 instead though, unless you’re severely space-constrained. :slight_smile: