Have yourself a 20-years old 8-bit Amiga sample pack; now with 16-bit 44.1 kHz WAVs


A1200s still seem to command a high cost, I never did manage to talk my mother into buying the A4000 (I’d done a lot of plastering work on the house in exchange for a computer lol) and to this day I still want that A4000 even though the RAM bus bandwidth is supposedly massively flawed.

I have an A500, A600, A3000 and A3000T (proto) still. I’d love an A1200 for sequencing though. Bars and Pipes professional was the best sequencer I ever used, the MIDI pipeline concept was totally unique at the time and I’ve still not seen anything remotely as good.


I just converted all samples to 16-bit 44.1 kHz WAVs you should be able to load into pretty much everything under the sun. Get it here.

This ZIP doesn’t contain any of the documentation or other stuff, just the samples. Let me know if you find any issues with these.


@6581punk I fondly remember Bars & Pipes. :slight_smile:


What I thought was cool was someone got hold of the source of BnP and maintained it for a while.


English page:



Much love to you <3


Thanks @t2k! These are really great… we should do an amiga rave compo to celebrate them!


Rave? http://stuff.vandervossen.net/temporary/RaveBassAndHits.zip

This one contains various rave bass and hit samples converted from their 8-bit 8363 or 16726 Hz originals to 16-bit 44.1 kHz WAVs.


Yeah, these are great, and thanks for converting them. Saves me some time, and I am aware that they will sound most authentic coming from an Amiga.

Also, here is Bars and Pipes. It is now freeware.

We should make some songs with this stuff. I was thinking that vaporwave genre.


Interesting, thought the name looked familiar… Lyle’s on MidiBox now and then.



Check out the version I linked. Its development was continued by an enthusiast who made it more compliant with the Amiga OS. So it works with newer versions of the Amiga OS and has support for more colours in the GUI.


I will look into that as well. However, I do not think I will be regressing form my current midi sequencer setup anytime soon. It is just a fun program to play with. :slight_smile:


@herrprof What kind of rules are you thinking of?


Only those samples and/or mutable gear?


Add the ability to use tape samples, and I’ll be happy. I’ve been working on some “vaporwave” tracks recently because that is apparently a thing now, and I started using these drums with the tape samples because they sound perfect together. It also fits because Sample Source is definitely vapor ware at this point. Not that it still isn’t useful! Probably one of the best free sample packs out there, honestly.


Thanks Thijs


Yea i imagine any processing of the samples would be fair game. A resampled pack with tape processing is all kinds of meta funny.


Ok, let’s do this. I’ll post about it in a separate thread soon.


Since participating in a contest I’m organizing is clearly against the rules, I’ll just post this simple rave demo here.

All sounds from the 8-bit pack posted above even though I did cheat a bit because I used my Octatrack instead of OctaMed. :slight_smile:


no dude you should totally submit!


Does anyone here remember Aegis Sonix? it had a really nice built in synth, sort of like one of the first “soft synths”.