Have you seen that guy? another little diy synth (Rockit)

i also built it and sold it on ebay a couple days later. the filter is really weak.
i guess the resonance issues must have been that you had a part of almost an octave on the keyboard playing 10x as loud as the whole rest.
i gave it a chance in 2 sessions together with the Shruthi SVF, ah no, the second evening i didn’t even plug it in anymore.

hmmm ok… maybe something else… i want to build something…

The demo of the Rockit sounds pretty good to me. Maybe it’s a matter of what kind of music you’re into?

Currently building MB909:

Built a x0xb0x in the past. Love it.

I’ve got this pcb waiting to be built - really impressed by sound demos:
mega percussive synth

I also really want to build an SSL buss compressor clone. It’s expensive but I love the waves plugin and I’m sure the hardware sounds even better.
serpent gssl

Just some ideas…

I like that mega percussive thing but Thomas Henry’s site (birthofasynth.com) gives me a headache.

i also bought it because of the demo, but really didn’t work when i tried with other real equipment. i started with the 9090 long time ago but haven’t come very far yet. MB909 is the way to go! x0xb0x waiting for troubleshoot since last summer, might be just a loose contact (or missing cable). MPS waiting for pots and frontpanel… at least as far as i remember. i hope i’ll survive my backlog

i think i’m looking for something a bit cheaper… maybe i should start with a modular… just a vco or something…

building a modular from scratch seems like a nice idea! Otherwise the Midibox project has some nice things to build, but youl’ll have to source all the parts yourself. If you really want something simple and cheap, there’s a lot of effects pedals around.

maybe a nice pedal delay?

@ shifter: Modular and “cheaper” dont belong in the same sentence. Its a bottomless money sucking pit of despair.

Look at all this despair…

Analog Lab’s NYC Modular Meet

Oh, I dont mean that as a negative comment.

Me neither! Did you SEE all that STUFF there?

yeah, this is my fav atm

no you don’t have to source everything yourself. there are 2 midibox shops to get complete kits or pcbs, as well as other parts needed. in the forum you find guys who make frontpanels, group buys for case (eg the sequencer) or frontpanel layouts ready to order from Schaeffer.
it’s still good to have some stock at home, but that’s always


Man that’s great stuff! Just goes to show you that modulars can be used for something besides bug music (although they seldom are for some reason). And why doesn’t everyone just finally admit that Vimeo is superior to shitty YouTube and just abandon YT once and for all?

Vimeo for the 21st century!



If you have midibox questions, let me know. I’ve pretty much built everything at one time or another

rosch&altitude: thanks a lot, I didn’t know that there where people selling kits for midibox projects (except Wilba), when I’ll have some time again, I’d like to build that C64 midi-controller thing since I have an empty C64 laying around in the cellar.

smash TV sells kits of the modules, the rest is usually DIY

“i also bought it because of the demo, but really didn’t work when i tried with other real equipment”

@rosch, can you elaborate?

Bought the kit… Missing a few components, never got it working, put it back in the cardboard box it came in. Will probably never continue troubleshooting. Regretting wasting my money.