Have you seen that guy? another little diy synth (Rockit)

10 bucks for shipping to Europe seems cheap, but then again shipping is included in the US… Why say 10 if you don’t know?
Anyways I’m in for a full kit!

cool! i also take the full kit.

mine was kit

Backed it with a kit out of principle. You can never have too much gear (O RLY!)…

Extension to this rule: you have not enough space…

Looking good:
94 Backers
$8,784 pledged of $10,000 goal
40 days to go

$9363 of $10,000 and a month to go, its real. be there or be a docadecahedron

I just signed up for a kit, and that was enough to put it over the $10,000 mark. It looks like a great project!

congrats and thanks! you made it happen


ordered a PCB myself, and sent a few extra bucks his way as a donation. Looks awesome!

did anyone build it allready?
i’m thinking of of buying a sprockit kit

Built it, sold it immediately after

That bad, eh?

altitude, don’t leave us hanging, why did you sell it right away?

The first versions had, among other things, some filter resonance issues, a rather low output volume and sluggish envelopes. I’ve helped Matt to sort most of the issues and I will certainly keep mine.

would think sprockit to be usefull? I think i will like that it’s a no memories no display straghtforward really small synth.

There was really nothing there for me. The oscs were uninspiring, the filter was weak, just could not get into it at all.

I don’t know about the Sprockit, one of the good things with the Rockit is the one knob/button per parameter interface. The memories I never use, nor the drone mode…