Hassle with Olimex AVR ISP MkII firmware change

since I am frustrated and annoyed I thought I ask here, maybe somebody has an idea: I bought an Olimex AVR ISP MkII (came in handy to get the order volume at Mauser to avoid shipping costs), but it turns out this thing needs a firmware change to be able to be used with avrdude. Unfortunately this fails, with Win 7 and Linux (Mint 17), it is registered correctly as USB device with the right IDs, the product ID changes when I press the “flash firmware” button on the device, but no tool (Atmel flip or dfu-programmer) seems to be able to connect to the device, they both return with error messages indicating that they can’t connect. I followed the Olimex user manual, I checked various blogs and internet ressources, but no success at all.

I think I give up on that and simly buy an original atmel AVR ISP, fed up with this cheapo chinese crap, I wasted already to much time and 29€ on that thingie…

thx for any hint or idea, otherwise I bin it since I can’t use it!

Olimex is as far as I know a fairly reputable vendor, so it seems ironic that my actual cheap chinese atmel programmer works right out of the box…

Anyhow, have you tried contacting Olimex for suggestions?

I don’t have it myself but I helped someone else to get it running quite some time ago… (I don’t know if he actually managed to program something in the end).
It seems like a quite good programmer but the firmware upgrade is tricky, it can supply the target with power (possibly dangerous if used wrong) and if I recall correctly the 6-pin programming connector on it is not for use with ATmega MCUs - that’s the 10pin one, so you need an adapter.