Has Blizz ever talked about wow

In order to play WoW as a monk, you’ll need to purchase and upgrade your WoW license to Mists of Pandaria. If you don’t upgrade, the monk class will just be grayed out, much like the death knight class would be if you didn’t have Wrath.

Jeff asked:

Has Blizz ever talked about simplifying the macro system? I have been playing for a long time and I don’t really fully understand how to use them. I see some online that look like an equation that would be on a chalkboard at NASA. I think a small how to guide along with it may help some people become better players and become a little more comfortable with the more complicated parts of the game.

And now for something completely different…

Totaly derailed right from the beginning … :slight_smile:

batgetes, should we administer you a turing test?

Maybe something like this?

Someone needs to see the Automatic Goblin Therapist methinks.

…anyone remember ELIZA?

Online Eliza :slight_smile:


I think I saw it on the C64 or Amiga first.

Need to start a line of WoW filter boards with color graphics on them.

Polivoks = orcs
Smr-4 = human
pm4 = elf

I wonder if a gimmick like that would actually work…

Btw, is Fr@nk the fcd we all know and love or someone new? The comments on derailment look familiar…

I am a new spambot in FCD mode.

Just kidding … my first name is Frank and I’ve been using this nickname for a couple of years in other forums too. I am new to this board, just started my first Shruthi-1 and I am anxiously waiting for FCD’s WASP controller to be finished. :slight_smile:

FCD’s wasp controller is finished, he just need to prepare some kits afaik. But maybe that’s what you meant…


I want to build a MONKruthi too!

Nice to meet you then Fr@nk. Welcome to the club. I’m relatively new here too - built my first Shruthi about 6 months ago. This forum is my favorite.

I have no special derailment Mode, just trying to keep the Flow…

Okay now I’m lost.

do you have a multimeter available that can be set to resistance?
it would help a lot if you could post 1 or 2 close ups too.
what psu did you use?

Those monks are getting hard to get, but I think Mouser still has stock?

Does Pichenettes still have pre-programmed ATMegaMonks?

Those only come with a built-in chorus though :wink: