Has anyone succesfully made a second VCO for the Anushri?

I guess the title explains the question… Has anyone made a second VCO? Any other sound diversifying hardware?

Just connect the VCO CV to any Modular Oscillator, route these Oscillators Signal back to Aux Audio In, route the VCO CV Out to the Oscillators Frequency CV in, tune the Oscillator and you are ready to go. ( WARNING! Shameless self promotion ahead! ) You could use LittleDieter for this

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Anushri is only analog I own :(, I have been a poor sucker since I was born, so I pretty much have to do DIY for anything to save $. one of these days…

I am wondering if anyone has replicated the particular anushri VCO schematics to have identical VCO.

Wait, is the LittleDieter made from doepfer parts? or are you manufacturing your own VCO/VCF ect?

Also, are you a part of the MI company?

Little Dieter is an addition to the DOEPFER DIY Synth.
Im not (yet) making my own VCOs.
Sadly, im not part of the MI company. I was self employed all of my life but for MI i might get tempted - hypothetically.

If you want to DIY take a look at Thomas Henrys 555 Oscillator - you should be able to make it from a 555, a Quad Op Amp and a chewing gum

I’ve tried the Thomas Henry 555 vco and the MFOS one with the Anushri, and everything works nicely. I’ve tried the vco’s of my modular as well… It’s just like fcd72 says.
If you plan to put it everything together inside a case, you can find points in the pcb for a more permanent connection. I’ve almost finished my modifications with a second vco, second filter, a nice lfo and this: http://home.comcast.net/~ijfritz/board%20pdf/adar_board_doc.pdf
I’ve made all the connections and modulation routings and it’s almost done; I’m just not sure about the vco… I have the 555 in a very dirty and messy piece of stripboard, which I don’t like, and the mfos pcb is very big for the case I’m using, it leaves very little space for the rest of the circuits; so I’m still not sure which way to go. Maybe I wait for the 555 vco pcb’s: http://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=73329

In any case, it’s a perfectly doable modification, and any vco would work, at least for two or three octaves [it’s not easy to get a good tracking between the two vco’s].

I’ve married anushri and tabularasa dco
wavetable, i’M very satisfied , the connection is quite simple, i’ve added Also a mix in section