Has anyone made a programmable Model D


A couple months back I bought an SE02 hoping it would deliver the Model D sound. Its my least favorite synth, even prefer an Access Virus over it. I was wondering if a company made the exact Model D, that can recall settings. The behinger gets close but you can’t save.


What don’t you like about the SE02?

The Moog Voyager was designed to be a more modern take on the Model D, including patch storage, though it wasn’t designed to sound exactly like the original and has additional features.

Since the original Model D doesn’t digitally scan the pots (and thus can’t have patch storage or midi control of parameters) adding that feature will necessarily change the circuit somewhat.

Ah the SE02 is one of the most stale sounding synths I’ve tried. I think they made the oscillators way too stable, that they actually sound like DCOs. Especially in the low midrange, the harmonic content is like nonexistent. The Behringer is girthier, with its square wave oscillator. I like that rounded, more engulfing sound, rather than the nasally SE02. And when the resonance is up, its very puny and narrow sounding. I’ve tried so hard to convince myself to like that synth, but after 6 months, I’m gonna let it go to get something new. The minimoog voyager is a step in the right direction, however I do prefer the Model D sound. It’s more rawish. I like that. I have a Sub Phatty and a Minitaur, both are lightyears ahead of the SE02 in sonic pleasure for me. I can’t believe moog discontinued the reissue, :(.

You might be complaining on the wrong forum.


I was asking a question whether or not a synth existed, and was asked about my opinion of the instrument. I think you are commenting on the wrong post.

No, I’m serious. There are much better fora for when you enjoy arguing how your ears are so much more sensitive that everyone else’s. You’ll have more fun asking these type of “questions” there.


I guess it’s one of those “can’t have both a full barrel and a drunk wife” situations (as they say here in Italy).


@Papernoise ooh lovely saying. : D

@Esppse Some of the recent Moogs have Patch save and the typical Moog sound. The Sub 37 and variants could be interesting for you.

On synths without patch save I usually just take a still video with my phone, so I can dial things back in quickly … that Workshop surprisingly well.

Yeah I do like my Sub Phatty. The thing with it is the filter does not fully open when the knob is turned all the way up, it’s part of its sound and I’m glad to have it in my pallette. I just crave that buzziness from the original Model D I wasn’t able to get from these other units. The reason I require programmabilty is because I layer a lot, using multiple synths to replace multitimbrality limitations of each individual unit. Between 3-7 units can be are used for one sound to create more complex soundscapes. Which is why I try to avoid redialing if I need to change a melody last minute. Yeah it seems no company has made an exact replica of the Model D with added programmability. Quite alright, many to choose from.

If there is programmability, it’ll no longer be an exact replica :slight_smile:


I rather like my SE-02. have you tried the new firmware?

What is it you don’t like about the SE02? I have been thinking about one for a while, and like the demos that I have heard. Is it the sound, or the interface, or both?

Blair edit - oops, just seen the previous posts. Its the sound you don’t like. I had a series D about 30 years ago. It sounded different from other series D’s - very clean and clinical. I guess that’s why i like the SE02 - it reminds me of my mini.

AJH synth made the best filters ,osc,vca,etc i know to get the best sounding Model D !

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…and the best D clone i ever heard- (and now…i have one)… is the NR Synth Cobra! It still in production,( Stephen Ingrand is the owner of the company.)You can join on NR Synth site .

People who have bought 808s have complained they sound weak and not as they expected. People often get their impression of a synth or drum machine from a record, not from first hand usage.

The Moog Model D app can be controlled as a plug-in on iOS with parameter automation. Sounds just like a model D, especially if you run it through a little compression and eq.

I love the 808, but objectively, the sounds are quite weak, and tend to get lost in a mix, unless handled quite carefully, I’ve found.

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I suspect that’s why the early sample-based drum machines were such a hit when they were introduced. They didn’t have that 808 Booooooom, but they cut through a mix much better, with more top-end crunch.

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But I digress…

It was a discussion I heard in relation to the new 808 clone behringer are making. That the 808 sound people are usually on about it compressed, EQed, distorted etc. Same goes for the 303.