"Hardwired" LFO2. Why not LFO1?

Stupid question but this little oddity is really confusing (at least for me).
Reference manual: “…Lfo 2 and Envelope 1 are always connected to the filter…”

Why not Lfo 1? Maybe I just don’t see the nifty reason for that convention. At the moment I need a piece of paper next to my Shruthi:

Because in a conventional monosynth layout LFO1 tends to get used for the oscillators and LFO2 for the VCF, whereas the VCF is the first modulation destination for the EGs?

The signal chain is VCO > VCF> VCA.

The most useful modulation for the VCA is an envelope - so the last envelope, ENV 2, goes to the VCA.

The most useful modulation for the VCO Is a LFO (for vibrato) - so the first LFO, LFO 1, goes to the VCO.

The VCF in the middle gets ENV 1 and LFO 2.