Hardwire LFO1 and 2 to CV>1 and 2?


Since ive added my groovy LEDs to the CV1 and 2 outputs, I was wondering if its possible to hardwire LFo1 and LFO2 to always output a mod of 50 to these outputs, rather than on a patch by patch basis?

You could then always have a cool flashing indication of the LFO speeds.

Otherwise youd have to go trhu every patch and set up in mod matrix and resave.



It’s not possible in the current firmware. Should I add this as an option in the next firmware? I am not sure I should, because after all only a minority of users would do this mod, and this would mean more UI bloat to enable/disable it.

Best thing I could do would be to document how to do this in the code, and let you build your own firmware.

I thought I read something somewhere in one of the .92 firmware development threads that it might be possible to create some modulation assignments on a global level, instead of per patch. Unless I misunderstood something!? That would have taken care of this quite neatly, no?
(Perhaps i’ll have a rummage for the info I saw later…)

It’s a mod I have on both my Shruthi’s now. But as it is somewhat of a gimmick, I really don’t mind so much how it is activated/implemented.

No, there’s nothing in the new firmware to allow global assignments in the modulation matrix.


Yeah i appreciate its a bit gimmicky… :slight_smile:

It is useful tho too to see the speed of the LFOs.

If i were to add it to the firmware myself, id be happy to have a go (as long as i dont permanently damage it if it all goes wrong). But would i need to remove other things to make room? Im really not a programmer.

No worries.

Many thanks for the reply.


No, it won’t affect the firmware size. It’s just one of those lines in shruthi.cc


To be replaced by:


And similar for cv_2


Ive had a look on github. Seems easy enough. Just what to do with it once ive edited the code to turn it into sysex.

I dont want to peck your head about it as I know your busy so Ill just leave it. Might peck someone in the firmware thread’s head!

Many thanks