Hardware Side chain compression?

hey again MI, just wondering about side chain compression today. i know its relatively easy with software but is it a bit trickier with hardware? im still not sure how it works or how to do it on software myself but i’ve been wanting to get a compressor anyway relatively soon. i havent been able to find much on youtube for hardware except for an Aphex 651 video and abit on a tutorial video. as far as i can tell i need to find a compressor with external sidechain inputs? or is there other ways to manage this effect. thanks again everyone
EDIT: found this http://www.elysia.com/hardware/xpressor-500/introduction/ didn’t see it first time watching the tutorial vid. looks pretty nice. gonna look more into it.

i just bought an alesis 3630 on ebay, waiting for it to arrive. it’s a bit controversial about how good it is, if it just destroys the signal, etc. but there are some mods i might do to it if i don’t like the first sound of it.

otherwise i would recommend looking at this one: FMR RNC 1773 Compressor Unit

everyone seemed to tell me to get that when i asked around, but it was just a bit more than i was looking to spend. i might get it if i absolutely hate the 3630 though.

Yup, you need a compressor with an external sidechain input. Usually the sidechain plug is an insert so you can connect it to a normalled patchbay (with a stereo 1/4" cable) and the input signal will run the sidechain until you plug something into the patchbay.

It is cool if you can EQ your sidechain signal separately so the compressor only ducks in response to certain frequencies or sounds in the sidechain signal.

+1 for the FMR RNC mentioned . Just put it into your Sum, set it to supernice mode, forget about it and wonder what the hell is going on if you try to mix at a friends place…if its not there its like oxygen is missing :wink:

I highly recommend it, best Compressor under 200€ - hell even under 1000€ - i ever had.

The FMR RNC, a Gyraf clone and a 3630 will cover most of the spectrum between somewhat fancy compressors to the trashy. Toss in a small dBx and some TL Audio tube action and you’re done, unless you got serious cash to spend.

Better use 2 FMR RNCs, one for sum compression, the other for bus compression/sidechaining to file some transients. If you have some serious routing this is helluva compression for under 400€/$…

3 FMRs go in 1U 19" Rack…

3 times Über-compression equals nuke-compression :wink:

If you chain all 3 youll get a comparator :wink:

this is all so confusing to me. what is a comparator? i don’t even know where i would want to insert it into a setup lol. and Ive looked at the RNC briefly, but it hasn’t impressed me as much as the elysia did. im not worried about spending more if the quality is there. would you think one be better off getting 3 RNCs instead of an xpressor?

The important thing about right Sum/Master compression is that you arent “impressed” - you want it as invisible as possible, just to tidy up your mix. If you want 80ies Phil Collins Gated Reverbs any Compressor will do.

Start reading here about OpAmps and then think about twice buying an esoteric piece of Hardware thats nothing more than some discrete built OpAmp. When it comes down to Music - well just get a RNC and an Elysia and try yourselves. You will end up with a 179€ Device which you love and a 1169 € Blinkenlight Generator.

lol phil collins gated reverbs is definatly a must. i will listen to your advice though, im looking into the RNC more right now.
but what would the use of 3 RNCs be? i dont understand the point unless your inserting them between instruments and the master as well. sorry for noobn so hard.

I think the 3 RNC’s comment was a bit of hyperbole. But the comment regarding 2 RNC’s makes sense. Use one unit on SuperNice mode on the sum / mix, and another unit for sidechain and/or other instrument compression.

3 RNCs were just a joke. The Über-compression mentioned is a feature of the RNC which, as far as i understood, is some kind of threefold compression with different q-factor to achieve an asymptotic soft-limiting. And as Frank stated this is not the Brachiosaurus of four-to-the-floor, but very decent and invisible.

I could well use 5 of them, one in each Stereo Bus and one for the Master. + some as Insert on Channels. Maybe i can modify my car Stereo with an Insert… or my Phone?

Honestly. i have now 20 years more or less experience with recording gear - and the FMR RNC is the most usable, sonically satisfying Compressor i ever had. I had the Joy to mix and record on some real decent Setups with compressors 10 times the money, but this little fella is the one i take to the lonely island. And it can do Gated Reverbs, Phil!

Iiiihhh, never in inserts…that’s waste of resources !

But using on inserts with a single stereo cable is part of the Fun - no Y-Adapters

thanks for all your help so far, may have saved me a bundle. ive been looking into the RNC and have a couple more questions if you dont mind. they describe inserting an EQ to the side chain input to duck frequencies as far as i can tell, or “de-essing”? am i understanding this wrong or how does this work? and is the side chain input shapable at all? for example can i get a faster or shorter release time or is this also determined by the main release?
this is the bit i was reading on de-essing http://www.fmraudio.com/rncFAQ.htm#question11
EDIT: also have you guys seen the reviews on ovnilab ? he seems to hate FMR. as opposed to most.

Here is a short video worth watching on the subject. If you can excuse the fact that it is in software. (I know. How lame.) However, the visual graphs should help.
The side chain is a SECOND audio signal. The compressor responds to the volumes of the harmonics put into the sidecain input. Say you wanted the compressor to respond to only the high frequencies of a sound. You could amplify frequencies above 10kHz and remove the frequencies below 8kHz with an EQ before the sidechain input. This is easy to do with a patch bay. I would suggest getting a used one for around 20$ if you don’t already have one and some 6.35mm patch cables.

how have i not known about patchbays all this time. this is what i get for getting into music through guitar and then sampling. thank you so much i will go out and buy one tomorrow. this is what ive been wishing existed. lol