Hardware For Ambika/Shruthi - Indonesia

Sorry for asking a similar topic, but it’s a bit hard to find Some parts here, and if i ordered from outside here, there’s a chance for those things to be lost on the way here (I order many things and some of it i never received till now) . So maybe anyone have a reference for local shop or anything to obtain some parts , thank you very much for your attention

Can’t help in Indonesia.

In Singapore you can get all the hardware and almost all of the components from the stores at Sim Lim Tower 3rd Floor. There are a few stores in the basement that are not too bad. Another place which has some interesting parts is Koba Electronics which is at People’s Park Complex third floor.

In Kuala Lumpur I’ve been to a few stores on Jalan Pasar in Pudu.

Thank you for the info, i think i need to go to singapore / malaysia to buy some parts _