Hardware for ambika - Australia

Hey all - Ive now arrived at stage 3 of the Ambika parts gathering and Im down to the HArdware - standoffs and screws, ect. Thing is I have no idea what to buy from where and at what quantities. Im building a full 6 voice with 4 x 4PM and 2 x SVF -all parts so far sourced via the various BOMs around. Any help would be really appreciated.

Some useful tips.

Thanks that a great resource. Bookmarked!. I was wondering where to find what i need. How did you know what to order?

Browse the parametric search and make sure the dimensions/specifications all match. Being able to build your own BOM/shopping cart is a very useful skill, and best acquired by practice :wink: To start with Farnell/element 14 is a good source for standoffs, and also good for screws if you order by the hundred.

The secret to buy at element 14 is to open an account and send what you need to the quotes team. Sometimes they give you more than 50% discount.

Wouldn’t that require a rather …large order though?


If you open an account with them the first 30 days are free shipping (at least from New Zealand) otherwise it’s free with a minimum 45 dollars order which is the lowest minimum for free shipping from all the big electronics site I found out.

I just reminded me that there is one Ambika metal enclosure in Australia. I sent accidentally two cases to one builder. If interested then let me know.

Hi Adrian

What color is it? Price?

Color black and price 90EUR.