Hardware Controller for Shruthi-1

Hi to all,
I really feel in love with my Shruthi-1, But I think to take the beast from that little beast, I need an hardware controller to have under my hands :
One Knob = one function , So I’m looking for an Hardware controller, easy to use and powerful.
Could someone suggest me something please?

Look here

WOW! Where Could I buy one? How Much is it? is exactly what I’m Looking for

Currently unavailable, a very last batch will be there mid/end June - check back frequently

Ok, Where Could I check?

…How about in the link that says “Look here” ?

Yes, I’m not able to see “order here” o something like that

Thats why it is “Currently unavailable” :wink:

Ok, Now It is clear, I’ve to check that page, What about the cost? My email is vincenzo.arzedi@gmail.com

It helps to read all of the thread. :slight_smile:

Ok, tonight I’ll read everything. 35 pages…

Make sure to grab a cold beverage and a snack to go with it.

I think the last 4 or 5 pages would be sufficient…but it certainly is fun reading all of it :wink:

Or just read this

Next run will be pretty much the same.

Ok, 260 euro + shipping. Black is the best. I Want One for sure and the and 33 pages left :wink:

@fcd72: Will this last run have the pcb mounted pots? Or will that “evolution” be something else after this last run of “original” programmers?

ATM its a bit unclear if or when a transition will occur.

“Hard to see. Always in motion is the future.” Master Yoda

So its like always in your life: if you feel you need it get it now. I have 10 PCBs left so the last run will be like all the runs before - full Kits and panel mount pots. Its just that i got a bit tired answering the same questions over and over again…

@fcd: Totally agree, ya better get the original right now. It is worth it and it is a future classic! I put my money were my mouth is, and got me one (with dual “BS” pots to boot!)

A post with the Shruthi´s sex change operation form standard to programmer is soon to follow!

My question for the future was just to see what/when that evolution would be like and how close or not the programmer´s evolution would converge with the Shruthi´s standard evolution.

To be honest, i dont see much more evolution possible for the Shruthi. The space for the Firmware is nearly maxed out and i guess every CPU cycle does something usefull. Actually most of them seem to do 2 usefull things at once :wink: And every usable Filter Topology has been implemented. So what would you suggest the Shruthi should be capable off that he doesnt do already (ok, besides making coffe and nightworxx’ frequently demand for O***** S**…)?
So theres not much left for further development on the actual Platform.
Things will look totally different if you think about changing the Hardware - a Braids based Mono synth with a 4PM Filter and im in!

Hmm, one could squeeze in a Steiner-Parker filter, or a diode ladder, then it’s really tapped out. Then again, you could buy a Minibrute to come by the Steiner-Parker VCF, and both the SP and diode ladders exist as easy-to-get Eurorack modules plus in other modular form factors too. It’s reaching the point where it’s not worth the effort due to diminishing gains. That’s because it is pretty kick-ass to start with!

I agree, and don´t necessarily imagine the Shruthi needs to “evolve”. But, I do see a case for “polish” and “special application” or “limited edition” Shruthis to broaden the palette of possibilities.

As an example, I could envision an integrated controller board + programmer with pcb mounted pots, and you stick whatever filter board (it could have the socket for 2) you want.

Or, I could envision a case revision with top screws and less side screws and revised holes (encoder no longer so big) plus without screen hole (oled), and some solution for an on-off switch.

In the end though, Shruthi is a mature, very well thought-out product and these are minor improvements I think of by applying a very high standard and because I am into product design by trade.

Now a controller board programmer combo…I would get that in a heartbeat no matter if I already have a programmer!