Hardcore patchers needed (torture test)

Now please try to tow a truck with them … :wink:

Are they suitable for light bondage?

infact, if i was into bdsm, id ask for a 5m version.

next test: patchcord in pocket, jeans in washing machine, dryer… ill report tomorrow :wink:

Isn’t that an old Pretenders song that’s a big, fat metaphor? Something something about patchcords in pocket and usage of a plethora of body parts to get some action?

Have fun, whatever it is you and your washer end up doing!

How stiff are they compared to doepfer cables? :slight_smile:

Leaving the kinky stuff aside, what about real world tests?

Heavy objects or people standing on them. Stick one end in a vice (we don’t want to use our Euro stuff for this one) and pull on the cable hard or attach a weight to simulate strain.

“Heavy objects or people standing on them. Stick one end in a vice (we don’t want to use our Euro stuff for this one) and pull on the cable hard or attach a weight to simulate strain.”

Wow, you live in a rough part of the real world!

Well, they look fantastic. I’ll see if they can stay that way once I get mine. :wink:
I am more interested in seeing if they can last a week of full use. I will probably do some extra stuff I wouldn’t normally do to a cable, but that will be after they pass the basic stuff first. I was going to submerge one in water for a long time, but I may not need to if Frank’s survive the wash cycle.

>Wow, you live in a rough part of the real world!

I don’t :slight_smile: it’s just a way of simulating strain very quickly?

I’m not going to stick them in the oven anyway, they do similar things with electrical kit to work out it’s operating range.

Actually the black one has withstanded two evenings of constant knead and bending to simulate heavy duty use, you can carry a 10l watering can with it and stomping on it - on a flat wooden floor - shows no signs of wear. I won’t do any tests containing sand grinding down the fabric (as i would do with with climbing ropes) as i assume you will use your modular not in your sandbox. At the moment the cable is in the dryer….

One thing to notice is the different feel while plugging in compared to dieters cables: while the dimensions for the plug itself is 100% the same and to the specs the dœpfers feel hard and stiff to use, these are much smoother while working with them (in exactly the same jack), i assume the bigger diameter and the soft touch surface in conjunction with the fatter stiffer cable make the difference. Feels more like 6.3mm jacks on a dot.com, albeit with lower insertion force.

Ill now apply at some sex shop as technical writer.

@fcd72: I hope we can get Gilbert Gottfried to read your writing!

Managed to split the strain relief and the jack is loosened from the surround. This was after a beating with a hammer and lots of pulling on the cable. Even pulled the two jacks apart from each other to break the cable but nope. Even after all this damage it still works! Good build quality.

Don’t forget to test the shielding. Electromagnetically test it, I mean, in comparison with established brands.

I will be sure to test the shielding and propensity to pick up foreign electric signals when I get mine first. I doubt that they will have any issues, but I do have a few very picky pieces of equipment that one day dream to be ham radios. I will also see if they are stripped or will strip certain kinds of jacks. I will probably also test how easy they are to dirty and clean. Of course I will also test how well they travel and tangle. I think that braided cables are easier to untie.

Was going to test the flammability, but I don’t have any matches. It’s important that braiding doesn’t go up in flames easily.

That is when you walk down the street and get a lighter from the corner store. If they are like other cables when they catch on fire - they will melt, degrade the shielding, but still pass a signal if the wire isn’t completely melted through. You can always solder it back together, same with a cut wire really. Of course, patching it up with electrical tape may not be that great with the braiding.

Don’t forget the liquid nitrogen test. Or just send some to @schrab in Irkutsk who can hang them on his balcony and wait for winter.

Microwave. Will It Blend?

@fcd72 It would be interesting to compare them with Ad Infinitum cables-the Doepfer cables I have are made of PVC which has gone stiff very quickly, and I found the fact that the “stopper” at the end of the plug body is part of the plastic mold rather than part of the machined metal component of the plug makes them vulnerable to popping out of jacks depending on manufacturing tolerances