Hardcore patchers needed (torture test)

This discussion has now consequences.

Prototypes are now ready and there is need for Patch Cable Power Users who will test the cables.
Need somebody who really will test the cables, not somebody who just admires the beauty of them.

There is not much to test. But Power Users know what are the weak points of cables and know how to recall them.

You could also go extreme and try different things and test it in endpoint in your Eurorack.

First the User will get 3 cables length of 80cm. Test them and give feedback to me and Oliver.
If the review is OK, then you’ll get a Party Pack of cables when they are in production.


I’m in if I can offer something useful. How do I purchase the test pack? I can try them on my 90hp x 6u Eurorack at home and my son can try them at home and live on his MS20 mini.


Those are some niiice Mutable Instruments colors!

We are getting ever closer to a full MI modular which is a good thing.

I’ll give it a go if I don’t need to buy them?

Now we’re talking! I hope these are done soon - they look sharp!

Can do! Albeit i have no clue with these - what do you call it?? - Modular?

Lovely! Matching large jack & MIDI cables please! :wink:

Some of my cables would like a break if you are still looking for testers. I take stuff on the road and throw them in to bags and such. If they can last a week with me, they can last forever.
I am also in a radio-dense area, so I will have no problem testing the shielding on long cables. :slight_smile:

Send me a PM with your shipping address.

1 seat left

Ill do it.

OK case closed for now.

i’m open to test too if needed. ;0

i keep my cables in a shoe box and tangle them right good. also have a bunch of different modules and know full well how different cables and different jacks all have minute differences…

I think any kind of feedback is useful. Comparisons with other cables, testing in various modules (with different jack types). But the test is largely about seeing if they are durable.

I’m not one of these people who wraps up cables very tightly (often the cause of cable failures) but I’ll forgo my usual care and attention :slight_smile:

i’f love to give it a go here!

Ohhhh! Nice! :))

The Eagle has landed.
First Impression: finest Patchcord money can buy… colors are brilliant, Injection Moulded Plugs with soft touch feeling and super nice texture on the braided cables. Now ill go and torture them :wink: