Happy Thanksgiving!

To all the North American Shruthi-Brethren,
Happy Thanksgiving ! Hope it’s overfilled with food, family and synths!

You too man. I’m sitting on the couch with my Microbrute next to me, watching football. The girlfriend went home to Colorado to be with her family (I got roped into a long, boring vacation with her family in Sept. so I was able to avoid this trip). My parents have been out of the country since September and aren’t back yet, so I had no reason to go home.

So…yeah…thanksgiving. Going over to do the holiday meal with some friends.

So no family. Just food and synths!

Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll celebrate it on this side of the pond by eating some old-world food like Moules Frites :slight_smile: With the better half, the cats and synths. Have fun!

I have seen so many versions of that song… all becasue people will search “happy something synthesizer” for sending me a video it isn’t funny.

Also, we are having an argument of sorts in the GearAholics thread and are accepting our devious family member’s live style over at the Machineophiles Anonymous meeting, and there was at least one mention of Reaganomics. It’s just like a dysfunctional family at the dinner table!
Also, yes, I have some great food with me in the studio today. :slight_smile:
Happy Thanksgiving!

Someone needs to get too drunk so the rest of us get to act ashamed or concerned. Or is that just what happens in my family?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I’m thankful for this great forum.

@RyanA4. That is normal. So normal my band is called Crying Mother and The Drunk Uncles. We have 1 gig a year…Thanksgiving night. No synths…and I’m on drums.

I need to start one too! “Crying mother and the drunk [males in my family]”

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m at my second family get together. The first family has a beer rep as the head of the house so everyone was a drunken mess and the second is so full of rum and turkey were sure to make up for any lack of drunkeness on your thanksgiving eve. So micro brute eh? It looks pretty tasty

Happy Thanksgiving everybody (from Colorado no less).

Happy Thanksgiving from sunny California !

She’s from Colorado. I grew up in Jersey.

Where do you live in CA kvitekp? Wanna slide a plate of food out the door for me?

Somehow this year found us by ourselves, so we decided to make a simple turkey dinner with stuffing, cheesy golden potatoes, dill slaw, fresh cranberry sauce, bread, apple crumble and pumpkin pie…there’s an insane amount of leftovers… I could get drunk but that prolly wouldn’t be any fun for my late, preggers wife.

I mean, she’s preggers and late for delivery, not preggers and dead. That’s not cool. Don’t tell her about this.

The comma and the impossibility of a dead person (especially one already referred to as “late”) being pregnant kinda made that clear, so no worries. No need to let anyone else know but you, me, everyone else here, and the internet forever.

Coo, don’t let it go beyond that peese

The internet does have 4chan, so you should still be wary. So is your baby going to have a onesie that says “I’m my dad’s latest module”

@RyanA4 I’m in northern CA (Santa Clara), ~5hrs from you, so CraigsList does not have any MKS80s, only one VS :wink:

@weniverse, haha that’s awesome! Does someone make those?! Id buy one in a second

I tell ya what, I’m not thankful that this guy is still fabing his own boards and selling them dirt cheap.

snowy Cleveland here, by myself for the rest of the evening but I think I have some homebrews stashed away somewhere…

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Speaking of giving thanks, if you really are in love with a ferris wheel or a synth, be thankful, and just go for it and get hitched (literally, in case you need to tow the ferris wheel)