Happy New Year

Another sighting…

Happy new year everybody!

Happy happy happy new year to all of the Shruthizens!

Happy 2014 everybody - may your music be inspired, your soldering iron be hot and ever ready, and your circuits work first time!


zzzzzzzzz Happy zzzzz new zzzz year zzzzzzz

happy new year !

Happy new year. Let’s make some great music in 2014!

happy new year to everyone !
And thanks to MI people…


Happy new year all Shrutizens! I’m sure 2014 will be another great MI year.

Happy new year!

… and now some traditional New Year’s Day pizza.

Happy new year to y’all!
Zzz skål!

Good to see you’re recharging your cyborg batteries, Olivier.

A Happy New Year to all. I hope you keep your ICs in the right direction and stay solder-bridge free! Too much drinky-drinky last night

text message from fcd72 was a great surprise!

im NSA enabled!