Happy new year to all of you!

I hope I will release more stuff in 2012 than I did in 2011!

The most time-consuming thing that happened in 2011 was the establishment of Mutable Instruments as a proper limited liability company; along with getting a network of contractors/suppliers for more demanding projects - included pre-assembled products.

Now that is done, the road is cleared to release more products!

Bits of the roadmap I can reveal:

  • January: Polivoks filter board + new batch of MIDIpal kits
  • February: SMR4 mkII. It might become the “default” filter board for the Shruthi-1 kits that will be sold after this date
  • March: Assembled MIDIpals, under 2 forms (assembled board + DIY plexi case kit or “deluxe” packaged product)
  • March or april: New DIY product

happy new year to you and your company, too!

sounds great. looking forward to ШРУТИ-1 and assembled midipals and of course very curious about the new diy product. :slight_smile:

“March or april: New DIY product

Dammit! I had hoped for a slightly more revealing revelation… :wink:

Happy New Year!

Happy new year! Roll on March / April!

Looks like an interesting beginning to a whole new year.
To everyone; a happy and prosperous year!

Happy new year and all the best to your company! It sounds like great things are ahead of us :slight_smile:

Happy new year !
Looking forward to the forthcoming recipes coming out of the Mutable Inst labs !

It will be a great year, I’m sure of it! btw. happy new year to all of you!

Happy New Year to all! Looking forward to new and exciting things, and actually making some music with these lovely machines in 2012…


Yeah happy new year to all! I am also excited about the new stuff. I have birthday in march :slight_smile:


happy new year!
new DIY product, sounds awesome!

Happy new Year

i cant wait for the new product.
2012 will be nice for sure:

starting with Polivoks filter board and preenFM, then hopefully wtpa2.
zira synth from vacoloco seems to be short before beta test phase aswell (check out see you demo ).
then “New product” and Midipal
vacoloco also anounced Gauntlet for 2012…

this will be great :slight_smile:

i`ll better heat up my soldering iron right now…


lol i better sell a kidney this year!

he didn`t reveal much about that so far.

it it a desktop synth, which seems bo be a bit bigger than zira.

there is a pic of the pcb on his google+ page here
and some twitter posts

i habe no idea what it is, but i believe it will be nice because this guy does nice stuff.

he is also working on a sample drum player called juju which has the same size than gorf and zira (i believe it will be similar to mfb-kult)

it is not easy to get information from this guy. the mailing list is quiet and he posts info on his blog/twitter/google+ and facebook in a kind of random way.


better picture here


If you’d be clever you’d sell someone else’s Kindey…

maybe a mutable instruments diy dialysis machine kit would be a good idea for 2013.

happy new year

new diy?
if you created it, I know, I want :smiley:
I’m exited

A happy and productive 2012 Very curious about the new DIY project too!


Paul from Vacoloco revealed at twitter, that the Gaumtlet will be a desktop version of the monowave.

“As Promised, Gauntlet (picture of prototype 1 in my Photos), is a desktop Monowave. Two Oscillators, 64 waveforms each, hard sync, two sub oscillators, 24dB/Oct Ladder filter (analogue), ability to overdrive the filter input, LFO with four wave-shapes, multiple routing options and patch memory.
Oh and it’s going to be small, approximately 180mm by 120mm by 50mm :slight_smile:
The money from the sale of Zira will be used to fund the first ten or so units for beta testing. I’ll then be going to a kickstarter style site to raise funds for a full production.”

info about monowave is here

it will be sold ready build, but he posted in the comments of the pcb picture “if you want kits I can sell them, but you’ll need to be good with SMD soldering :)”

sounds nice to me. not as much routing and mod possibilities as shruthi, but still pretty nice (moog filter etc.)