Happy Knobbin 6. - 8. June 2014, Fischbach, Germany, Earth

Who of my fellow Shruthizens™ - Brave Brothers in Oscillation - is with me?

I am condemned to work this weekend, f…k !

The frightening thing is thats what i call a minimalistic Setup……

Ok, the mixer is really minimalistic…hehe.

I have a simple DOEPFER Mixer, 2x MI Shades and MI Frames (which i use as main Mixer in the Modular), so its more or less a Headphone Amp rather than a Mixer - and for Headphone amplification i felt the MX-8000 was a bit overkill.

Ahem Of course we all expect pictures of evidence…

What happens in Fischbach, stays in Fischbach™

Don’t tell me there were physical manifestations of gearlust, aka gearpr0n…

Sightings at 4:17, 7:18 and 12:41

Lots of interesting gear. The following conversation with my partner (who is on the distaff side) ensued as I watched it:

Her: "Lots of sad cases…"
Me: “But some of them are home-made, you can’t expect a professional finish!”

Her: "Where are the women?"
Me: "It’s called knobbing for a reason."
Her: “Techno-onanism.”


Yeah, guilty of wearing t2k’s THOUGHT LEADER shirt……

The sad cases @ 8:15 are Theis Modular - hand built by a guy somewhere in the Ruhrgebiet, you will have to know someone who already has one to help you persuade Mr. Theis to build you some… in fact the finest sounding full analog modular i ever touched. Switch it on and you are deep into Berlin School land.

Best stuff at 4m30

Sorry. Please delete!

I am expecting your modular to have grown to fill the whole of your house by now, and this to be just a tiny fragment of it, so yes, I guess it’s minimalistic :slight_smile:

@Papernoise Funny you are responding to a 3 Year old Post :wink:

In fact i got even more minimalistic this year:

I wish I could say that it was just a trick to see if you’re still here
but actually: I need to get more sleep :dizzy_face:

Holy Jesus, he lives !
Hope your doing fine, man…

Greetz Kay