Happy Birthday Midi!

30 Years old today

Yay! Is there any other digital interface still in active use after 30 years of being introduced?

DMX is 3 years shy. CAN is 30 this year. ModBus is 34. Interesting.

More: BACNet is 26…

RS-232 introduced1962 originally as physical interface + protocol for teletypewriters, later “misused” as universal serial hardware standard… 51years and counting! Today even a PicAxe 08m speaks RS-232…

OSC (Open Sound Control) is 16 or 17.

What? No Google Doodle?

It’s crazy how much rs-232 is still used. It’s used by Cresteon, AMX and the like. Silly ASCII.

here what I used in the good old days between my Akai S900
and Akai VX90 :

I guess the Crestron, AMX etc go with RS232 since lots of AV components come with easy to add and easy to decode serial control protocols. If I wanted to get into the 21st century I could use the http controls of my Denon and the Oppo, but it would be painful compared to the plain-Jane RS ports.

Then, try industrial controls and diagnostics interfaces, a surprising amount of machinery still come with RS ports.

I like how all cars and trucks, first European, the Japanese and then American started using CAN. Guess if it’s old and just works well enough it becomes a standard. Let’s see in 20 years when we talk about good old, open USB.

Speaking of which, bring back the good old S-100 bus and such. Modern rubbish like VME (1981) is a step back :wink:

Without VME there wouldn’t be plentiful supplies of ex-VME Eurorack adaptable baugruppentrager :wink:

Gotta love old, crufty and still working technologies. Today it’s just some fast LVDS scheme for everything.