Happy Birthday Émilie!

Thank you for designing such inspirational/thoughtful devices, for sharing your knowledge and ideas open-source, and for creating a space (this forum) for dialogue about Mutable and related things.

I’ve learned so much about software, signal processing, and more by studying your work and connecting with you and others on this forum. You’re an endless source of inspiration and we’re all v lucky to be on this rock at the same time as you.

Please enjoy this pleasant picture from mignonettetakespictures as a gift and have a great bday!


Wishing you all the happiness you deserve. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

That was very sweet :smiley: Thanks everyone!


many happy returns! :clinking_glasses::birthday::tada:

Merci Emilie pour le fabuleux travail que je decouvre peu a peu car je debute le modulaire l’annee derniere.
Merci aussi pour la contribution au libre auquel je participe depuis la fin du siecle dernier a travers linux.
Un joyeux anniversaire plein de lumiere et de douceur.

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Happy belated birthday Émilie.

I hope you have a fabulous birthday Emilie!

Joyeux anniversaire Émilie !

I hope you had a fantastic birthday, Émilie! Would definitely like to echo the gratitude expressed by jaakjensen; I have learned so much from your work and wisdom.

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Happy Birthday Emilie. Thank you for everything.

Late to the party, happy birthday, Émilie ! I keep finding new ways to make magic with the modules you’ve released into the world. Thanks for all!

Very, very late to the party. But hey: Happy birthday, Emelie!

Capricorns represent!! HBD

한국에서 생일 즉합니다! which means “Happy Birthday from Korea!”

Happy Birthday :slight_smile: