Happy 2013-my resolutions

As I’m in Sydney and we don’t seem to have any Kiwi Mutaholics on the board, I may as well be first to kick off the New Years greetings

After a year where I built 5 Shruthis, 1.5 Ambikas and an Anushri my resolution is to return to my neglected modular and finish as many projects as possible in my Modular DIY backlog pile-after seeing how well my bubblesound oscillators play with Anushri I’m keen to get everything working together.

Also I have a few things under wraps I hope will see the light of day this year :slight_smile:

What are your resolutions?

happy new year then, here it’s still one ambika frontpanel production away!
resolutions are surprisingly similar here: reduce the modular backlog.
also not ever destroy 909 and 808 kick clones again by hooking the rails slowly to an already running power supply :wink:

Resolution here is to be not too broke in order to buy more mutable stuff :smiley:
No, my musical resolutions are more like actually playing and recording music rather than spending all my free time reading and writing on diy forums and/or soldering stuff. We should be able to release our 2nd LP within 2013 with my rock band!
Which is rather contradictory with my feeling that 2k13 might see me starting to build a modular synth…

edit : oh, and happy new year to everyone!

  • Spend more time playing with the toys I make :slight_smile:
  • Achieve roughly the same financial results as in 2012, but with more normal work hours.

My personal goals for 2k13:

  • Achieve roughly the same financial results as in 2k12 but with less turnover which means higher margin products that will hopefully lead to less working hours
  • Have some holidays with my family, spend more of the saved time playing with the toys i make and finally building new toys

Make more music with all the new toys,
Learn C++, learn more of electronics and designing PCB’s
Maybe get an album out somewhere, arrange more performances.
(and spend less time on the forum addiction)

play with all these toys,
pay for all these toys,
learn to program some of these toys,
make some of my own toys…

Play with my stuff, as soon as the refurbishing of the house is finished.
Solder new toys and make even more music with them,
Stop smoking and more sports…

Learn to program a synth to the point where it sounds good, not Katzenmuzik.
Learn to write beginner counterpoint.
Practice gratitude - the ‘Mutable Experience’ helps with this one. Thanks guys.

  • Stop procrastinating all the time, all that experience playing computer games does not benefit me at all :frowning:
  • Learn proper synthesis.
  • Start laying the groundwork for a modular.
  • Get my act together, and release at least 5 songs, hopefully enough for a EP :confused:

Slightly more drastic, use my kit or sell the lot of it.

make some freaking music
well… and some more DIY kit
but first the music
Oh, wait, I have an Ambika waiting to be assembled
Ok, ok, but then the music
Well, unless I can get into modular
I’m sure someone said programmer

My resolution is without doubt to spend more time playing and having fun with music. I really feel the urge to finish some songs and release a 2nd album.

Said somebody Programmer? Or rather Modular? Sequencer? Im a bit deaf after all these Explosives…

get an anushri, built it with succes
make it sing
make some music conduct by my little korg microstation
and, entreprendre some mods for my shruti

happy new year…:slight_smile:


I am determined to support future developments, as I am going to buy additional kits (anushri and maybe different shruthis and hopefully everything what else there is) - so I do not hope that you will work less :slight_smile: