Hansy1010 an SMR-Based DIY Project


Main Features

Duophonic Hybrid synthesizer : Mono or Duo Mode
Large Interface with 4*40 LCD and OLED (128*64)/ 8 Potentiometers / 16 Push Button and one Joystick
256 memory locations
Digital Oscillators / Analog Filter
Filter : Mutable instrument SMR4 MKII
4 or 2 poles
Cutoff and Resonance
Keyboard tracking positive or negative
Oscillator waveform
Legacy waveform: Sine/Tri/Saw/Square/PWM/Random
Special waveform: TriSquare/SawSquare/Pro2/MKS
Wavetable : over 4300 wavetables from AKWF Adventure kids
Noise generator
Transpose and detune
Osc2 can be route to cutoff frequency
Phase Distortion
One Sub Osc per Osc
Sub Waveform : Sine/Tri/Saw/Square/Pulse1/Pulse2/Pulse3
Sub Type: -2 / -1 / 0 Octave or 5Th Up or 5Th Down
Wave Morphing and Wave shaping possibility (2 parameters per OSC)
LFO Waveform : Sine/Tri/Saw/Inv/Random/Lag
LFO Sync: Free/Key/delay
4 ADSR envelope Generator with positive and negative amount
VCF Negative and positive Amount
Pitch route to OSC1/OSC2 or OSC1&2
External Analog audio input
Midi In and Out with soft Thru
Sequencer and Arpeggiator ( 1 Sequence or Arp per Sound)
24 Step
8 Parameters per step: Transpose/Velocity/Cutoff/Gate/Glide/Noise/Ex1/Ex2
Sequencer or Arp send to Midi channel
Midi Sync In and Out
Assignable Pitch bend and Mod wheel
Sound and Library manager software on PC

See: https://ask.audio/articles/hansy1010-is-a-gorgeous-opensource-analog-diy-synth

Thank for the Add Jon…I’m Gilles the father of the HANSY1010 (I’m your Father…). You can find some additionnal informations on the Faceboook page her :

The Hansy work on an evaluation board Nucleo STM32L152 and the analog part is a MI filter SMR4.
I’ve build two HANSY1010 and for now 3 other people have buy a PCB kit. I’ve just buy 10 more pcb kit with some corrections…

The HANSY is very very promising! It looks like a great evolution of the Shruthi legacy, with lots of new additions.

Btw. here’s the clickable link for the FB page

Tanks for the comment and for the link rumpelfilter… :slight_smile:

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2 News demo of the HANSY1010…with a little help from my Alesis Micron



A new dress for the HANSY1010…