Had an issue with Grids - M.I. ROCK & fixed it!

Hey folks,

Sorry to be posting this here and in full disclosure I bought my Grids 2nd hand… so please delete/move or whatever. I’m just hoping to get some help if possible please before I bother Oliver/M.I. with this - hoping there is some secret ‘Factory Reset’ function etc to get her working. Most of this is a copy/paste from a Muffs thread I started asking the same advice…

A few weeks ago I bought a Grids from a fellow MuffWiggler - Ive been a bit ill and didnt get a real chance to test it out. I have a DIY 5v regulator I use for my Gorf-XL sequencer module and in the very quick test I did - Grids didnt work with the DIY 5v. I thought it must be just my 5v regulator so I ordered a Volts from M.I. and it arrived yesterday (Thank you M.I.!) - still nothing Im afraid. Is there a way to do a ‘factory reset’ or something on the Grids? No LED’s light up, nothing coming from the module when triggered with a clock… no nothing.

Im sure the other Wiggler didnt sell me a broken module but Im kinda lost what to try next - tapping the ‘Tap’ button does nothing, clocking the Grids from a RCD & Expander did nothing trying on my Tiptop uZeus didnt help either…

Tried different, known working Ribbon cables and did continuity tests from the Ribbon to the pins of Grids - all fine. So I plugged Grids back in and did some voltage tests. On the OMG Midi I got 5v at the 5v spot - and on the soldered power headers got the expected -12, Ground, +12 and 5v… could it just be a case of me misunderstanding Grids? Powered on, with all knobs at 12 o’ clock, I should be able to press the Tap button more than twice to tap in a tempo and the tap light should flash right?

Thank you very much for ANY help or Ideas to test out!

Please send it back to me, looks like you have destroyed it…

Grids is the only module from my line that directly uses the +5V from the bus-board (Edges and Braids step it down to 3.3V) - and as such, it is vulnerable to any crap you’ll have on your +5V line.

So is it totally lifeless?

EDIT: do as above.

Ack! Dang!

Thank you pichenettes - not what I wanted to hear, but thank you very much for your reply! Ive sent off a message from the web contact form so hopefully we can go from there.

As I bought it used I am going to look on the bright side and assume that it was my fault that this Grids has an issue and as Im not the original buyer I understand its not in warranty and I will have to pay for its repair - I dont care :slight_smile: Non-working musical instruments is the saddest thing in the world and I just want her to live again :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the really quick reply and hopefully she can be sorted!

I just wanted to post my thanks to Olivier and Mutable Instruments here. I sent her off Monday to France and she arrived back here in Ireland this morning all flashy and pretty and Olivier has been WONDERFUL throughout.

This is a beautiful BEAST of a module and I am shocked, stunned and truly delighted with Mutable Instruments support. It is outstanding and very, very much appreciated! Sincerely, I cant speak highly enough of em or thank em enough!

Instant fan for life (if I wasnt already and gonna make it my business to buy all their modules brand new as soon as possible) First has gotta be Edges followed by Braids!

Thank you so much Olivier! And what a crazy module you have created! Love it - I found my Valentine and her name be GRIDS!

Woo Hoo

Nice one :slight_smile: it’s always good when both the product and support is good. I get my 3rd MI euro module tomorrow :slight_smile:

seems like one really has to be careful about the 5v thing. there’s really a lot of crappy 5v adapters for euro on the market.
Volts is great and I also had no issues at all with the Meanwell PSU

Not had any problems on a Tip Top uZeus.

I bought a volts thinking I was going to get a doepfer but ended up with the Meanwell. So I have a spare one, I might use the switch mode regulator for something else, shame to waste it.

Ok back to my STUPIDITY again - I managed to be holding down the TAP button while the power on my uZeus cycled (dont ask… the cat stepped on the power lead and 1/2 pulled it from the rack…)

Im stuck in some mode where nothing happens at all (lights or output wise) unless Im holding down TAP on power up now… and all that happens is the lights flash really quickly for 6 or so blinks and the TAP stays on…

Any hints please folks - much appreciated!
Thanks and sorry!

> unless Im holding down TAP on power up now

Don’t do that, that’s the procedure to do a firmware update.

What happens when you power it up normally, without pressing the button?

Try just holding down the tap button for at least a second, then releasing it. You may be stuck in configuration mode, although I’d be surprised if it initialised into config mode on power-up. See the manual for details of how to enter, exit and use config mode. AFAIK, there is no need to hold down the Tap button on power-up. Just power it up with nothing plugged into it, then hold down the Tap button for a second.

Thank you guys very much - I feel a little (well more than a little) stupid about this!

pichenettes - nothing at all, no lights (even when tapping TAP) and no response to external clock-in at the outputs.

BennelongBicyclist - thank you. I cant seem to get in (or out) of config mode at all.

With the module powered on I do see the expected voltages on the power header and the MIDI header on the back…

Thanks again chaps!

Don’t know… Send it back to me?


Ok, thank you pichenettes. Would it be ok to send it on to you (I still have your address from my last mishap)? Im really sorry about this - and embarrassed!


Yes, send it back, I’m curious!

Thank you so much for everything pichenettes! Sincerely!

w00 h00 - shes back and firing on all cylinders like a mad hatter! woo hoo! :slight_smile:

That’s very good service. Just out of interest, what was the root cause?

AFAIK… I believe it was an issue with my uZeus spitting out unexpected voltages. And to back that up Grids was living happily for ages in my main Doepfer PSU case…

But anyhow, as if anyone on these forums needs convincing… the support from MI was just jaw droppingly brilliant and I am very, very thankful! Grids sits next to my Wogglebug and I couldnt be without either - they are central to my modular journey :slight_smile: