Hacking Special Characters

You knew it was going to happen someday! :wink:

I’ve got it all figured EXCEPT how to get the bytes out of the python script . Calling it on the command line doesn’t seem to do anything. Are there parameters I need to define? An output .txt perhaps?

Here’s what I tried on the command line:
C:\\Mutable\\shruthi-1>python shruthi\\resources\\characters.py

It yields no errors and no files I can see…

This python code is called by a program that collects all the data and spit .cc / .h files.

touch shruthi/resources/resources.py
make resources

OK, I’ll give it a shot! If all else fails, I’ll just manually transcribe the binary!

Well, I failed at figuring out the python script. My knowledge of that kind of stuff just isn’t strong enough to work thru that on my own. However, I did figure out how each row of the character is basically a binary number and was able to just plug in the values I wanted in the code! Tried a piggy (sketched out by @keff), ended up looking like the Division Bell . But a fun exercise!