Hacking Braids firmware... help

Hi everyone!

So I DIYd some Braids modules after having my MI build for years in the hope to write some things yet save my “real” Braids if anything gets bricked. All of that worked out and I have a couple of working Braids modules to now flash with badly written code rather than Olivier’s masterpiece(s).

Problem is, I can’t even do something I thought to be relatively straightforward.

What I’m trying to do is simply make a placeholder for a new algorithm. To do that, I’m currently copying the FM algorithm, pasting it as a new algorithm, renaming it “FmFss” then listing that new algorithm in the digital_oscillator cc and h files. However, upon running makefile in the dev environment, I then have this error every time:

error: no ‘void braids::DigitalOscillator::FmFss(const uint8_t*, int16_t*, size_t)’ member function declared in class ‘braids::DigitalOscillator’

The debug points to the ) after the size variable in the pasted Fm code. However, I’m ONLY copying and pasting the new algorithm and changing the name. Why would an error occur for this copy, and not be flagged in the original if there were a problem with how the original was written? Obviously this isn’t the case. I’m SURE this is a rookie error and something blindingly stupid, but I’m stumped. Any help is greatly appreciated!


On GitHub, fork Olivier’s (pichenettes) eurorack repository, clone your fork to your local disc, make your changes, commit your changes and push them back to your fork on GitHub, and then post the URL to it here. That way we can see exactly what you have changed and provide better advice about what you might have done wrong, or failed to do.