Hack a Brute

Minibrute schematics!

and an interview with Yves Usson

yes well, that’s rather old news, isn’t it?
but this is a fairly recent - and rather useful - entry on yves’ brute hacking site:
switch between minibrute (arpeggiator) and minibrute se (sequencer) via sysex command.

I didn’t know and I just bought a Minibrute :slight_smile: Thanks

Thanks for the tip off mic.w: I just did this with my Minibrute- you need to reset it after the sysex has been sent for it to take effect, as I found out after scratching my head thinking that my midi interface wasn’t working properly. Very cool of Yves Usson to share the info! :slight_smile:

Can someone who understands the schematics better than me explain the principle that the supersaw operates on? Is it something delay based like an ensemble?
EDIT: Well, I can’t see much other than op-amps…

“Ultrasaw” = 2 LFOs (triangle) + 2 phase shifters + basic sawtooth.

Saw Animator

Anyone know if there are any envelope/lfo/osc type generators in a standalone box or guitar pedal type enclosure? Id love to add more stuff to my micro without smoking the eurocrack.

@MaxZorin: Cheers! Exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. I knew there must be a general name for the concept but I had no idea what to search for.

@herrprof - there’s the EHX 8 Step, that’s about all I can think of in a pedal enclosure. Otherwise the little Korg SQ1 looks fun; both are sequencers but I think if you run them fast enough you can do lfo type stuff. The minibrute’s CV inputs are on TRS jacks, which means you can hook up expression pedals with no mods needed. I’ve been using mine with a softpot as a crude ribbon controller. Dunno if the microbrute has the same capability?

@elthorno ooh good tip on the sq-1, I found this video on the subject and it sounds great

This is basically the thing I am kinda looking for but in standalone hardware form

There’s also the Moog CP-251, but it’s quite expensive for what you get. Also some of the Moogerfoogers or the Koma Elektronic pedals have CV outs. To be honest though, I think the Korg is still the best option.

Sorry to resurrect an old thread (and double post!) but I’ve been wondering if anyone has had any success using a sustain pedal into the gate input on the Minibrute?
Schematics suggest that it’s possible: http://hackabrute.yusynth.net/index_en.php?&arg=1
I can’t get it to work- I’m using a standard M Audio sustain pedal, set to ‘normally closed’ as described. Not sure if I need to set the gate switch differently on the back of the 'brute? Or whether the 3.5mm adaptor in the gate input needs to be a TRS type, instead of TS?