Some people dont half try to take the piss.

Shame he only has one unit.

I was looking to buy about 4 and thought he had a very good price… ; )

Yeah I hear if you buy in bulk he actually adds 10% to the total- you’re depriving too many other people the chance to marvel at his craftsmanship.

Interesting, in his shop on the website (link in eBay ad), they’re listed at a more reasonable price.

I’ll take 8!

Wow, that IS pricey…
I think that’s about what I spent on my Ambika…
A agree, the prices on their website look much more reasonable.


Exactly. Without the case the Ambika didnt come out a lot more.

For the STEALTH EDITION! WOW! This thing flies so under the radar that it isn’t even documented!

Seriously though, that is one of the worst Shruthis I have seen for sale. The LCD is fit awkwardly with gaps, and the encoder is a stub! How the hell did they reason this? It doesn’t even have a power switch or the SDE mods!

The cards against humanity is a much better deal than this!

And without PSU…

I’m guessing a mistype for £210.
I once mistakenly put up a zvex fuzz probe for £345 instead of £145

I actually got several messages calling me a money grabbing c*nt.
Some people are so charming sometimes.

@nightworxx: It needs no PSU. It is the Stealth Edition; I’m sure it runs on jet fuel.

@Simon: Money grubbing count.
That isn’t very nice of people.

Oh sorry, stupid me…i forgot about the flux compensator :wink:

Ha ha. How have I never seen that? Cheers.

Wow, maybe it’s called the Stealth edition because it’s ridonkously expensive just like the F35 fighter and the special performance is just marketing lies and myth?

I think it’s just bad spelling. It’s really the Steal edition. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Simon: Now you have.

@tb323: Haha. That’s the end of this thread.

Unobtanium Oscillator- resonates at a frequency that pleasures women.

@Simon sorry, im the type of c%nt that sends a 1p offer and says “If you think this is taking the piss, look in the mirror”