Guitar Loops and Fuzz Pedals Through SSM Filter!

I just finished mixing my new album, which has Shruthi-1 sounds all over it! Seriously, almost every sound that wasn’t created on the Shruthi has been run through the filter. This track is looped guitar through some DIY fuzz pedals and my newly built SSM2044 filter. The bass and higher drones are also Shruthi. I just had to share this with you all, Olivier and everyone on this forum has been tremendously helpful (even though all I’ve ever done is lurk over here)!

Oh! And here’s another Mutable products in the wild moment. I’ve been doing sound design and music for a short web series and the Shruthi is all over the place in it. All the John Carpenter style arpeggio stuff (which was BEFORE I knew about the 4-Pole filter and it’s Thing art, awesome, the bass during the rock parts, and even the doorchime at one point is all SSM Shruthi)