Group buy at mouser´s from germany somebody?


I would like to order at mouser´s within the next two weeks as I need arduino headers, TL1100 + caps and some low voltage 7905. Before I order I am going to have a look where mousers prices beat reichelt, farnell and RS for a Polivoks Shruti and Ambika/SMR4 parts.

If somebody likes to join because of the “delivery free of charge” boarder feel free to PN me. I would forward within germany for the price of the postage.

For arduino headers you should check ebay… They are silly expensive everywhere else.

I checked ebay. But all I found (and bought) were these arduino patch cables. Perhaps I used the wrong terms. I´ll try again.

You could try searching for stackable Arduino headers.
Here’s an example that came up very fast:

Thank you! I think “stackable” was the magic word!

yo, I’d like to join, need some stuff for Ambika voice cards. Hope I get everything together in time :slight_smile:

Which voice card flavour? I´m looking for the lowest prices for SMR4-boards. I compare Mouser, Farnell and Reichelt. Perhaps we can work together there.

Still looking for some white push-button-caps for the LXR. The “bad” ones that tend to fall off - aka the original ones. If this is the right part I may be joining this (but just for a Pfennigbetrag?) I’d only need 20 of those but can’t find them anywhere else.