Grounding & shielding internally

DISCLAIMER: I know very little about electronics! Excuse me if I seem naive.

I have a shruthi-1 SSM2044 model. It is housed in a painted metal case. The audio in/out jacks are very close together and I think that they are leeching signal between each other. The audio will suddenly become very quiet only to return to normal when I touch and adjust the 1/4 cable in the output audio jack.

What kind of material should I use as a spacer between the two jacks? …Furthermore, how can I go about grounding the unit entirely?


Also…does this forum have a search function? O_o

Search function is at the top right… It sounds like your soldering on the in/out connectors is spotty, the two jacks should be very well isolated from each other simply due to the large amount of plastic in between them. The fact that you can fix the problem by touching the jack suggests soldering problems on either the cable, or the in/out jacks… Have you checked both?

Yes, check the soldering - this looks more like a weak solder joint or cable defect.

Plastic and air are good insulators :slight_smile:

Ahhh…I wasn’t using IE. Search isn’t present in chrome. First I will attempt some plastic spacers.

When I wrote that plastic and air are good isolators, I meant there’s no reason why current would “jump” from one connector to the other, as is. You don’t need to add anything besides what’s specified in the BOM. Maybe you could post a photo of your board and indicate where you think the problem is…

Admittedly I didn’t create this one myself. I bought it off someone. The board doesn’t look like the ones sold in the kits. I will have to open it up and post a pic. When it does work it sounds really phat!

Have you tried using another cable? :slight_smile: Had a faulty cable myself recently…

Search function works perfectly fine for me in chrome… Hmmm…

Search function also working fine here on Chrome. See screenshot, that’s the search field.

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no search function with firefox.

I was able to search after re-installing flash and restarting chrome. I did try another cable. Ultimately the problem was with the TRS jack itself. I ordered another.