Ground point on CV Pal


This is probably really obvious, but I’m actually a little uncertain where to connect the ground point of my multimeter when calibrating the CV Pal. For modules that draw their power from a case, this wouldn’t be a problem, but how does this work for a module like the CV Pal, that powers off USB?

Any help appreciated.


The build instructions show a possible ground point:

Just tap onto the ground side of any of the jacks.

Djeez, there is actually pictures of how to do this in the build instructions… blushes

It’s been a while since I built this, and for some reason I didn’t think of checking the build docs.I only saw the calibration instructions in the CV Pal’s manual. I guess it would have made sense to check the build instructions as well for a kit like this…

Anyway, thanks a lot gentlemen!