Groovesizer tb2 diy synth announced

new, upcoming 4-voice paraphonic diy synth by groovesizer announced.

ui-wise, it looks a bit like a shruthi with a little keypad added.
but it’s got an sd card slot for loading thousands of user waveforms!

Hm, I wonder about the possibilities to expand this into a basic wavetable synth. Would also be interesting to see if a more comprehensive modulation matrix is possible.

I.e. would it be possible to loop small segments of one wav file, and change the start position, or switch between different, small, wav files, in some way? I’m guessing that it is not trivial.

I like some of the ideas in this thing. Like the paraphony and the little keyboard. But a lot of things also seem flawed like the pot to move through the system.
If it would get a proper ui and analog filter it would be great!

Seems nice. Maybe any next version can be more ambitious in what it can accomplish?

Also the stereo mini-jack output instead of some proper 1/4" jacks is really a major flaw.
But I’m still interested, if the price is good I might give it a go.

Give the guy some credit! This little project looks really cool, and is probably really easy on the wallet. Sure, it may lack some features, but it still does something novel and unique.

He has some credit… I have the big grooveziser. And I like the ideas in this new one… He is here on the forum sometimes and a really nice guy.
The thing is the design is really close to something great… Let’s hope he really makes it that.

I have a Red that I really like. It does some interesting stuff, was easy to build and Moshang is a cool guy :slight_smile:

I finally had the time to watch this whole demo. I think that it is very cool as it is open source and you can turn on/off the filter. If everything can be turned on or off like a Nord Modular then this could prove to be a very powerful open source system.

What I like about it is that it can use and read waveforms from an SD card very quickly. What I would like to see is letting a user use a custom sample for the envelopes too. The waveform would be converted using an absolute value function to generate an envelope from a sample. This is possible in FL studio and is one of my favorite features of their VST range. Not too many other synthesizers have this ability, but if you can use samples as oscillators and LFOs, why not the envelopes or other routing?

Personally, I would take the 4 voices and cut it down to just one voice then use the extra MCU cycles to implement some other features. No idea how easy it will be, but as it is an Arduino thing, it shouldn’t be too difficult for me. It will be nice to have a shield that is already equipped with MIDI and audio outs. Not to mention a screen. Lots of cool experimenting can be done with it.

As far as the interface, I honestly expected the back button keys to be page selectors like the buttons on the Shruthi, not the pot by the SD card.

I am looking forward to the things people do with this platform. :slight_smile:

I also like the idea that it’s totally in arduino. Maybe we can add Shruthi filterboard compatibility. :slight_smile:
Maybe we can ask the guy himself to shed some light of the future of this…
@Moshang ?? You there?

>Shruthi filterboard compatibility. :slight_smile:

Yes, that would be awesome to hook one up without a Shruthi Control board, but that would need more envelopes… I am not sure how many pins or open data channels are left.
If the power supply is 9V, I don’t know if it is, converting a working filter board will be an issue of porting the filter control code from the Shruthi library over to this one. Since there are multiple screens per parameter, this shouldn’t be too painful. I also hope you can route an envelope to the resonace. That is one of the best features on the Shruthi most synthesizers just don’t have!

I would encourage this since the Shruthi has been discontinued since there are probably still filters that need digital control and only full kits will soon be available, and there are going to be filter boards that need digital control from something.

Anyway, if the power supply is only 5V, I know that the Casio NJM2090 filter is 5V only, so if push comes to shove for a self-contained VCF, we can try to clone that, haha.

Ask me a week ago and I would have simply said, I still think that the easiest thing to do would be to hook the MIDI out to the MIDI in of the Shruthi then connect the output to the input of the Shruthi.

One last thing, someone on here was trying to port the Shruthi to a vanilla Arduino. I really wish they kept updating their progress now.

The Shruthi is the one and only DIY device that’s NOT going to be discontinued… Shruthi will live for a long time.
I’m sure if Mutable instruments stop selling them someone will jump in the gap.

Let me edit the above post.
You are right, the XT has been discontinued. Not the regular Shruthi. I even posted that I think the two Shruthi kits should still be limited to just one. Oh boy, my memory is getting bad.

I still think this would be a good idea as I am sure there are filters that need digital control boards, and buying a new full kit with an extra filter will just cause another board to just need another control board and so on. Of course a digital control board run could be done via the community. :slight_smile:

Hey, I do lurk 'round these parts ;^) I think it’s probably polite to take the conversation to the Groovesizer forum instead - I’ve made a “TB2 discussion topic”:

ok see you there

Just a heads-up that kits for the TB2 shield are now available at

Order one! I’m very curious

Well how wrong where you, :frowning:

shiftrshiftr October 2014
"The Shruthi is the one and only DIY device that’s NOT going to be discontinued… Shruthi will live for a long time. "

In the very next sentence, @shiftr says:

I’m sure if Mutable instruments stop selling them someone will jump in the gap.

…which is exactly what happened: