Groovesizer RED

Just wanted to give you a heads-up on a new Groovesizer kit. This one is called Groovesizer RED and it’s a 16-step sequencer attached to a granular synth. As with my other Groovesizer kit, this one is also Arduino-based and open source. The full kit is US$80 (shipped) and available from

Features at a glance:

  • granular synth based on Auduino
  • synth settings saved with pattern
  • Live Play mode (via MIDI keyboard)
  • automatable grain decay 1 (sounds similar to filter cutoff)
  • note entry for individual steps or groups of up to 4 steps at once
  • rests, ties, slides and accents for each step
  • pattern length from 1 – 16 steps
  • pattern retrigger
  • tap tempo
  • 6 play modes (forward, reverse, pendulum, random interval, drunk, random)
  • pattern transpose (semitones or octaves)
  • adjustable note duration
  • swing/shuffle
  • MIDI in/out (note, clock sync, trigger)
  • MIDI note entry
  • MIDI transpose pattern
  • send automation via MIDI cc
  • note entry quantized to 12 preset or 4 user defined scales
  • 32 save locations arranged in 8 banks of 4 patterns
  • 4 play modes per bank (loop 1, loop 2, loop 4, random)

Looks cute; any audio demos?

Hey t2k,

Not as such, but you can hear it in the videos up on the Groovesizer home page, as well on the RED’s page . The RED’s sound is pretty grungy and lo-fi - I’ve found uses for the raw sound, but it I find it also layers really nicely with whatever synth you like to drive with the RED. You can hear a mix of RED and a Volca Keys in one of the vids.

Ordered mine, and it’s on its way :slight_smile: looks like a cool little box - I love granular synthesis…

Hey moshang congrats with the new little bro to the Multiboard!

Keep up the great work with all the firmwares.

mmarsh Thanks a lot for the support. I think you'll have a lot of fun with it.Varthdader Thanks! I’ll definitely go back to coding for the multiboard after this. I need to bring over note entry quantized to scales to the Delta and Alpha. After that, I want to do ann x0x style multitrack drum sequencer.

I love quantized scales :slight_smile: I already had the midipal scale app after the grooveziser.

Got mine this weekend, built it, and it is really a fun synth/sequencer!