Grids V2 One Day?

Haha title says it all.

Olivier, I think this module would benefit from having a small LCD displaying the current pattern, because It’s impossible to go back to a previous pattern you enjoyed, at least I never was able to dial back in…

Don’t get me wrong, I love the module. I just wished that it were easier to go back to a previous setting.


Not on my TODO list…


To be more precise:

  • Any design would benefit from a LCD to display information about parameters :slight_smile:
  • This will raise production costs to a point that the module would cost too much for the function it provides. Would you have bought Grids for 300€ if it had a LCD? It would have to do something else - maybe be some kind of general purpose trigger generator or sequencer, or any case has more I/O and we’re crashing into the “general purpose, menu-based module” wall. In any case, it would have to be in the same space as the trigger riot - and it wouldn’t be a “Grids v2”.

@logicgate: if you just want to remember a spot in the x-y-pattern-map you could simply attach two volt meter displays for a few Euros that show the x and y voltages… Did I get you right?

That’s a really nice idea for a very simple but handy euro module @Picard !

Here’s my solution: Grids brain running on MidiALF hardware… it has 4 tracks and can save programs:

What is track 4 playing?

I tweaked pattern_generator.h/.cc to pack output like this:


… and bumped kNumTrk to 4.

@kvitekp - that’s a brilliant hack!

indeed! Looks great! Would the firmware be available or was it a one-off not intended for distribution?

As for a Grids (since I am now also a happy owner) i think it is fine as it is. To dial back in a modular is always difficult. And with all the modulation that is possible it is not just about the knobs on Grids, you would have an LCD display on almost any module (a 7-segment display would probably be sufficient).
I only wished the Midi expansion would not require soldering on the pcb, would be great to also use it as master clock synced to midi.

@logicgate: are you sure to dial back is so difficult. I did not check systematically, but as long as there is no random element, the relationship between knob position and respective pattern seems quite stable (but i tried only with turning single knobs in a running pattern, not to dial back the entire set).

If I want a specific pattern I’m just programming it with the LXR (thanks to the trigger outs it can send out analog triggers for all 7 channels), if I’m more in the jamming move I patch in Grids, but then I don’t care about reproducing something I have done earlier, it’s all about tweaking the knobs and letting the machine surprise you with something unexpected.

@morcego – that alternate MidiALF firmware was a weekend project after I got myself a Nord Drum. It was never intended to be released, however now, seeing how much fun it is, I’m considering shaping it up and making it available for others, if Olivier does not mind.

@kvitekp: It looks like a great idea! Color me interested in this MidiALF variant!

Yes, I would build another Alf for this!


I’ve been thinking of building another MidiAlf as well, this would definitely be a great addition.


wow that’s impressive! A bit overkill for my needs though!


That’s exactly what I need mate! Spot on. Now, how do I do it??? lol I mean, where exactly I have to solder the wires?

can I use this one:

> can I use this one:

No, this thing from tayda is a display. What you need is a mini volt-meter.

cool Olivier, I can get those mini voltmeters around here!

I just need to know where to solder the wires now, is there any need to remove the panel or it can be done via the back of the PCB?