Grids & uMidi

Hi, i just connected the Intellijel uMidi 1U to my Grids (clock & reset) and noticed that Grids gates aren’t anymore as they were un-clocked. As an example i use the third trig out of Grids for my hi hat sound, and the second trig out just to open the hi hat decay with gate. If clocked to the uMidi i don’t have (i guess) the same length of gate and that hi hat opening doesn’t work anymore when clocked, but works un-clocked … I also tried to set Grids both ways, to output gates or trigs. What should i try next?



The gates produced by Grids are as long as the positive cycle of the clock. So if you are clocking Grids with triggers, the gates will only be as long as the trigger itself. I don’t know how long the uMidi triggers are, but maybe there’s a way to change the cycle?

Yes, that!

Thank you, i’ll search some info on this … I got the uMidi today, so i don’t know much about it …

I got reply from Intellijel to my email, they say that this will be part of a future firmware update. There’s no such option right now - to modify the trigger cycle.

Is there a way with Grids in Euclidean mode to set all 3 channels to play the same thing? I have set map x, y and chaos to maximum, for example all three fills at 12 o clock, and they play slightly different patterns no matter how i fine tune them to find the right spot. I use only the outputs, no modulation.

I’d try a reset just to check that they all agree where step 1 is. I’m kinda guessing though…

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