Grids totally Dead?

Just this moment opened my brand new Grids from Postmodular connected it to my Doepfer A-100 P9 case and it’s totally dead no lights no nothing ?
Ribbon cable connected correctly and tried another ribbon cable incase it was faulty but no such luck.
Post modular is now closed till 30th August I’m totally gutted.

Any tips to address this ?, are modules checked before leaving factory ?

You can bet your ass (or whatever has any value to you…) every single module was tested and prooved to work. Have you read the Manual? You must either feed some Trigger or use the TapTempo for any light to come up…

I read the manual cover to cover lastnight, then read it several times this morning at work excited about the unit.
However the Grid is not working, I’ve been tapping tempo feeding it triggers, but nothing no lights totally dead.
Infact according to the manual I should be able to hold down the tap button for 1 second with no cables connected to enter edit mode but nothing ?

Do you have +5V on your rails? DŒPFER has no +5V Supply by default…

No the +5v is my problem, what do I need for that in my Doepfer A-100 case ?

Id suggest a Mutable Instruments Volts Adapter or something similar.

Id suggest interconnecting the +5V Rails on your 3 PowerBoards in your case, so you have nice stable +5V everywhere…

Thank you for the help fcd72

Just ordered volts from mutable website.