Grids tip from a master

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And here you can see and hear it:

So that’s what a hardware version of renoise looks like.

Funkitus! I want one!


“Grids is based on kicks, snares and hi-hat beats. You can then change the pattern being played with CV, so if you feed in a random voltage source things get really interesting, especially when I start and stop their clocks.

“Say I am feeding three percussive patches with Grids and clocking Grids with the Machinedrum, if I only put nine triggers in the middle of my 20-step Machinedrum pattern, it will start and stop Grids’ clock. So every time that pattern rolls by, those three percussive patches will be triggered in a different way.

“It’s like building a jazz drummer, telling something to consistently make a choice to recite some version of what it knows, yet constantly throwing a wrench at that by interrupting it.”