Grids syncing with Beatstep Pro

I’m ‘was’ getting a bad sync with MI Grids and BSP

• Clock Out from BSP to Clock in on Grids
• First Grid trigger playing a kick on 1/4 notes
• First drum gate from BSP plays snare 1/4 notes

Hitting Play on the BSP the Kick drum (Grids) starts about 1 note late every second time or so that I stop/ start play, very inconsistent

What I’ve tried unsuccessfully;

• Different ppqn on Grids
• Setting BSP to 1pulse per step (from the default 24ppqn)

Success; After I stop the Beatstep Pro, if I press the “tap/reset” on Grids, when I press play again on the Beatstep Pro everything is in Sync.

Why do I have to press the tap/reset after stopping and restarting? The Beatstep pro is only sending one pulse per step.

You did not patch anything in the RESET input, right? How was Grids supposed to know when the playback started and that the pattern should move to the first step?

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Ok I got it, thanks for your patience.


What did you patch from to initiate the reset?

Many thanks