Grids - round the back

I have a Grids landing this week , and am just building the break out panel. If anyone could post pictures of the pcb showing the pins for RX etc. I’d really appreciate it, so I can finish the panel before the Grids arrives.

here’s hoping.

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I just had the module out, and then back in again… Then I checked the forums…
Back out the module went… And back in again >_>

Aaaand the forum doesn’t like large images, so uploading to flickr… Meh…


Top Man!
I get bit about DIY heroes in the manual now, lol I was not expecting to have to solder header pins on the Grids…no big deal though …
Many thanks

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I don’t suppose anyone has any insight into the front panel removal of Grids, any hints or tips so I can solder some header pins on …

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I was thinking that just soldering wires was the way to go - so that you don’t have to remove the panel to access the top of the PCB.

cheers , but no … wire to board is fugly.


why? i think it’s easier than header pins, no?

@rosch I like header pins … :wink:


i see. i’ve done everything with headers too some time ago but somehow got lazy.

I’ll do a header on mine because my expander jacks are going to be in a non standard 1.5U panel at the bottom of my case and I might want to reconfigure at a later date, but then I also already have my board exposed since its a proto version without a front panel yet.

You can solder a header with the plastic part on the top side and then push down the plastic to the pcb

Have to justify the price of the crimper

yeah , I’ve done that before , thanks

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Or skip the crimper…another idea is to solder an appropriate female header to a tiny piece of perfboard then wires to your jacks.

oh that’s really a cheap crimper! must be lousy quality.

Midi board works well… I can now use the GorF XL as the core sequencer, controlling the Grids, which spits out a clock …


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Next to drill the panel and glue the Midi socket to it.
Job done.