Grids reset issue, please help!

I’m having an issue with my Grids. When I send Grids a 24ppqn clock and send it a reset pulse on the 1 I get double hits and flams on channel 1 (kick patched). Getting this to work has become a bit of a quest, all other clocks and resets are completely on point.
Godfried ch. 1- 24ppqn clock to Grids clock in
Godfried ch. 6- pulse on 1 to grids reset every 4 measures
Grids outs to vpme Quad Drum

I have been working closely with the maker of Godfried (spectacular module/maker), he’s sent me a few specially written firmwares with the reset pulse phased to happen early (4 and 10ms I think). I’ve tried gates and envelopes to delay or alter things. I have tried using a NAND logic gate to isolate the reset for a single pulse but that technique failed at 24ppqn (but not at 8 or 4). I’ve read a lot of forum posts and watched a lot of videos and learned a lot but still not solved my problem, so I am reaching out in hopes for assistance while I am still a young 50.
High hopes, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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I’ve been working on this some more and dug through most of the forum hoping for answers. I found a few relevant posts-



These statements would seems to indicate that Grids wants the reset to be slightly before the clock that falls on the “1” at any of the 3 available ppqn settings. My personal experience after much experimentation is that this works well at 4 and 8 ppqn but not at 24. This makes me wonder if the clock delay or the pre-trigger reset needs to be precisely offset down to the exact millisecond in order to be in the correct position in the timeline…

But then I found this post, which kinda takes my understanding of what I am supposed to do and throws it out the window…


I guess at this point I am confused, and could use a little clarity.


Give me some time and don’t panic!

In particular:


This post is totally irrelevant to your problem.

Thank you for your response. I will ignore the irrelevant post and wait patiently for a solution.

Some additional Info for the Godfried side of things:

  • Trigger Signals are 0V to +8V 1ms Pulses by default, longer Triggers doesnt seem to make any difference
  • Reset together with Clock within 1/20 ms causes double triggers from Grids
  • Reset 4ms or 10ms before Clock causes double triggers from Grids

All Grids related Info is from slauhterhaus since I can’t check myselfes, i lend my grids to a friend.

All accurate. Thanks for chiming in.

Two quick questions…

  1. What is the date code on the white “SCP” sticker on the back of the module?
  2. Is the module correctly saving/recalling the settings?

Re: Settings-
I have messed around a lot with the settings a lot trying to understand this problem and make everything work as you can imagine. A couple times when I was positive I had changed the ppqn or the reset/tap setting it seemed to not stick. There was so much changing back and forth it is honestly hard to say but it’s entirely possible that there’s an issue there.

Re: Sticker-
I don’t have a sticker because my Grids is a CalSynth uGrids. As soon as you asked, I realized that I had made a serious error by not mentioning this outright, and I do sincerely apologize for the mistake. I didn’t mean to waste your time troubleshooting someone else’s products if that’s how this was taken. I posted here because this is probably the biggest group of people that own/have used Grids, and overall one of best online communities in the genre. If this is the end of the conversation I fully understand but I hope it isn’t.

I owned a real MI Grids around 2015 or so and I loved it very much. However, the 24ppqn clock was not available to me in my early days of modular and I was never able to get it to sync quite right either (this is on me for being newer to modular) so in ignorance I sold it for something else I thought I might like better as is common in modular youth.

This summer when I started designing my live case I was looking for Grids (there really is nothing like it), thinking I would be able to deal with the clock stuff, but there were no MI Grids available anywhere. I bought the clone because it was there and I needed it. I’d rather have yours for the size and layout to be honest.

apologies for the faux pas…