Grids' patterns - what time signatures are in there?


Just wondering if Grids’ patterns are restricted to base 2 or 4 - are there any 3/4, 6/8? Any unusual meters in there? The swing parameter gives a 3 feel to the 16th and 8th notes from what I’ve experienced, but any true 3/4 patterns? Are there any charts out there of the built-in patterns?



They’re all in 4/4, I believe.

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Yes, they’re all 4/4, and you can have a look at the nodes in the source code (containing probabilities of the BD, SD & HH):


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I’ve got two Grids, and a Qu-Bit Rhythm. I use the Rhythm as master clock, but have a 2hp clock divider/multiplier as well. That way I can get one or both of the Grids to run on a different signature to the Rhythm, and other kit. Some settings work better than others, so it’s worth experimenting

(which, let’s face it, is one of the reasons why we do this stuff . . .)

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Have you tried resetting every three beats, five beats, seven beats, etc?

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Thanks everyone, and thanks to Electriccanada thanks for your reset suggestion - Of course. Sitting here playing right now in 3/4 and 6/8 heaven.