Grids Patterns Code

Can someone help me decode the pattern tables in the Grids firmware?

I see the nodes which are 25 8x12 tables, and I see the drum map which seems to map these nodes to the 5x5 X/Y map, but how these tables correspond to the actual outputs and X/Y knobs are beyond my coding literacy.

I’d like to start studying these and eventually develop my own patterns and map loosely related to a world map and the ethnic rhythms I associate with different regions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Maybe you should try this first!

The X Y knobs and CVs select (with linear interpolation) one of the 25 tables.

Each table contains 3 sequences of values, for the BD / SD / HH, channels. Each sequence contains 32 steps, corresponding to the 32 32th notes making up a 4 bar pattern. The actual value is compared to the value of FILL for this channel, and a pulse is emitted if the value is greater than the complement of FILL.

Ah, I was thinking 16ths and the accents had their own sequences. Now I can make sense of it!

That site will be very helpful indeed, thanks!

Played around with it some more and I totally understand now how the nodes and map work, but in doing so I realized my unit is not triggering any 32nd note off beats.

In other words, if I turn all the fills up and combine all the triggers, all I get is 16ths even if my X and Y are positioned on one of the few nodes that contains 32nd notes.

I bought this one used, but it is not a clone. Could it have an alternate firmware installed or am I missing some setting that would disable them?

The clock resolution must be set to 24ppqn for this to work. Otherwise, the module does not have any clock pulse at the 32th note level. It will not do any kind of clock recovery / multiplication to recover that level of detail.

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Sorry for a question answered in the manual :roll_eyes:

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