Grids not responding anymore

A friend of mine asked for help, but I don’t have any answer for him except maybe reflash the firmware via the audio input, though not certain if a firmware would suddenly stop working like it should.
It’s not under guarantee anymore, but I could have a look at it if necessary.
He writes:
“When I hold the Tap button down on my MI Grids, it does light up but none of the knobs let me change any of the modes. I’m not getting any of the LEDs to change when doing so. When I press the TAP button again it seems to exit the edit mode but it stays locked to one pattern and none of the knobs seem to do anything but the tempo knob does still work.
No idea how I managed to do this as it has never left the case and hasn’t even been used much lately.”

The module is not receiving -12V: the CV input analog circuitry does not work and all CV-controlled parameters (at the exception of the tempo, which is not CV controlled) are thus stuck at their extreme values irrespectively of the position of the knobs.


Thank you for writing that. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m always surprised when people face a difficulty with a module and think that reflashing the firmware will solve it.

Thank you very much for helping here. I’ll tell him to check the power connection and if all correct, then he can send it to me, no problem.
All the best.

I got an answer from the friend. Bingo: no -12V at the power input. He plugged it into another header on the rail and all is fine now.
Thanks to Émilie for pointing to the right direction.