Grids + Midi


What I’d really love to have is a Grids midi OUTPUT.
It’s doable with existing products but cumbersome ( if you want the accents ! ) and a simple 4-6hp expansion with an output port would be awesome.


At some point I actually adapted Grids drum engine to generate 4 MIDI notes on a selected MIDI channel, works like a charm running on MidiREX and MidiALF hardware. The latter is better since it has more simultaneous controls and live tweaking is more hands on. However, i’m reluctant to release it publicly – unless @pichenettes says it’s OK.


Why not releasing it? I don’t think it’ll harm the sales of Grids!


@kvitekp Oh you mean running the Grids engine on MidiALF, that is pretty cool !
I was also planning on porting the engine to a Vst plugin but just haven’t had the time yet.
Though being able to take midi from the Grids itself directly would be much preferable for my use case, so I control everything from the Eurorack.


@lysander are you the Minigorille Lysander, by any chance?



Sorry to derail…


haha no completely unrelated, sorry


@kvitekp this would be a midialf killer app for me for sure.


@pichenettes thank you, Olivier. Do you think it’s OK to name it MidiGrids or that would be too much and i should just provide appropriate attribution / acknowledgment?

@herrprof i’ll finalize the code and will make it available as sysex firmware update. Don’t kill any hairy nosy guys yet :slight_smile:


MidiGrids with proper attribution is OK.


that should read killer app :smiley:


@lysander hehe… Ok. It just occurred to me…



Here’s the MidiGrids firmware variant for MidiALF: 4 drum tracks per drum set, 4 drum sets per program (left side selects one), 128 programs in non volatile memory, supports both Grids and Euclidean modes, internal/external clock, precision swing and more… And it’s easy to tweak live.


Thank you! Looks very interesting. Can’t wait to try it out, although I have a Grids and Anushri already.


is this adaptable for midirex, i know the hardware is not best suited but just to try?


@martindunne – MidiGrids was originally created for MidiREX, however adjusting 4 track densities and MapX/Y with a single encoder when you really want to have direct access to them all at the same time was so inconvenient that the project was moved to MidiALF platform.


is it possible to port to a shruthi? more encoders etc


@martindunne — yeah, this is possible, however with just 4 pots and 1 encoder i don’t think it’s worth it.


I think it would still be cool/handy to have on midipal/bud/rex/etc using an external knob thinger and cc’s!


@bleo – i’ll post MidiGrids source code shortly so anyone can port it to whatever platform they have :wink: