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I’m sorry if these are unprobable suggestions, I’m not into electronics or programming, just into music, but I have some ideas…

#1A - Instead of having to chose one of these two functions, would it be possible to set the Swing via the knob while setting the Chaos via the CV input at the same time ? (vice et versa)

#1B - Same question about using the TAP Tempo function while being able to Reset the pattern via the gate input ?

#2 - When plugging in a clock source, would it be possible to automatically change the behavior of the Clock knob to get a clock divider instead…? (what would be smart in my opinion is, when dividing by 1,5 and 2, if it only affects the Kick and Snare patterns, not the Hit Hat one, musically speaking… )

#3 - Isn’t it possible to apply some swing to an external clock source…?

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One more hidden setting that would make the module more confusing to use.

This is already how the module works.

I would do it this way if I were designing the module in 2019 (as done on Marbles, Stages, Tides…). I agree that the tempo knob is “lost” when using an external clock. But when I designed the module in 2012 I hadn’t “discovered” how to do jack insertion detection. I came up with the idea when developing Warps and Rings.

So this would require a hardware update. I don’t think Grids is worth upgrading, it’s more the kind of module to rework from scratch, probably in a way that would steer it very far from the original concept. At the very least I wouldn’t use the same processor for consistency’s sake. I don’t think I’ll ever upgrade it, though, it’ll just die at some point.

Doing things immediately in reaction to pulses from an external clock is one thing. Recovering an external clock in such a way that you can manipulate it is another. I don’t think Grids has enough CPU power to do the latter.


Thank you for your answer :pray:

I didn’t think about it as another setting but as a replacement, anyway I must agree that it wouldn’t be intuitive. My point was that if i’m using the CV input for controlling the Chaos/Swing, I don’t have much reasons to still use the knob actually. But if I’m the only one to ask for this, I can understand it doesn’t worth it.

My apologies…

I’m sorry this gets me to ask : would it be possible manually then ? In Settings Mode there’s nothing mapped to the Clock knob, hopefully there could be an option there…?

I hoped that it was just simple as delaying 1/2 of the clock signals (the Arturia keyboard sequencers can do it, they gets the 1/16 swing from Grids and applies their own onto it) but since I know nothing, I’ll trust you if you say that’s impossible.

Thanks again! :v:

You might want to look at something like a 2hp Div. I use two Grids, among other things, and one of them is usually running on a divided clock to produce polyrhythms. Although, to be honest, to do it properly you would need two Divs - one to multiply the clock by two, then one to divide it by three (which I do intend to do one day). You can get two separate divided or multiplied outputs from one clock input, incidentally

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I should clarify the above by saying that it would produce the most obvious polyrhythm: 3/4 over 4/4. Other variations are available.

I made grids recently and really like it. Thanks for making the files available. Do you see yourself making a different kind of drum beat module? All the best. Colin

Not at the moment.

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Okay you take care and thanks for all your modules. I’m currently trying to get to grips with marbles lol its deep, cheers!!

On my very long to-do list: port Grids to Temps Utile (TU). TU has the right number of outputs and almost enough CV inputs (which can be mapped to multiple destinations anyway). Grids (I have two) is the most useful module in my rack.

Hasn’t it become a little “replaced” by marbles?

Cool! Looking forward to that!

That module needs some love, I think. It’s been a bit overshadowed by it’s brother, the o_C.

Not really. They’re very different beasts.

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