Grids driving melodic sequence

Hey All -

One irritating thing about a lot of sequencers is the lack of rest/tie functionality which makes creating rhythmically variable sequences difficult or impossible.

I took one of the outputs of my new Grids and sent it to the Clock In of my Blacet Binary Zone and the output of that through a DIY quantizer and then to my SubPhatty. The result is a very cool, rhythmically and melodically varied sequencer :))) better even than rest/tie!



yeah, cool thing!
you can also use grids to create some shifting melodic patterns by shifting the clock of the sequencer playing the notes and the Grids with a clock divider (possibly with an uneven division). then you use one sequencer for the pitch CV and the Grids to drive the envelope that opens and closes the VCA, what you get is a rhythmic pattern that plays different notes on each beat… well for some beats at least.

That’s a great idea since the melody would be tied to the beats in an algorithmic way. Cool!