Grids Discontinued?

I just noticed that Grids got moved into the discontinued section. Is there a new version coming or did it just reach the end of its Mutable production life? I just bought a new Grids for the first time a few weeks ago, so glad I did if it is no longer going to be produced.

Beads is my last release. There won’t be any new version of any module.

Grids sells slowly and does not use the same parts and construction as more recent modules. Having more of them made would be a commitment for a period of several years.


I’m glad that I bought two of them when I did, then . . .

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Snatched one, thank you very much.

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Thanks for pointing this out @mtamayo. I’ve been considering Grids for a while now, Just bought one before they’re all gone! It looks like a lot of fun!


Grids has been invaluable to me when I’m doing rhythmic work. Two of them, coupled with Doepfer quad switches and an Alesis DM-Pro is my percussive backbone.

Thank you for letting us know. I love my Grids so I just bought a second one before all the new ones run out. As a huge fan of Mutable Instruments I wish there could be more releases, but I wish you success in whatever your next endeavor may be. If you wouldn’t mind sharing, what do you have planned to do since you will not be creating any new module designs?


For anyone wanting to get a Grids right now, has a really great discount for their sale through March 25 for Grids in new condition. I got one for $169. They have like 5 or so left


So does this mean that with blades being sold out I will have to wait for people to make clones?

I think she meant that there will not be new modules in terms of R&D, I guess blades will continue to be manufactured :slight_smile:

By “new version” I meant “redesign/upgrade”. I didn’t mean “new batch”.


I dreamed of 6 channels Grids!


thanks mtamayo, snagged one!