Grids - clocking question

anyone has a trick to save the unique flavor of swing and fills while external clocking the module?

cheers s

Not sure what you mean. At least the fill should work normally with external clocks. What’s the configured clock rate?

The densest fills need a 24ppqn clock! (Grids does not multiply/recover an internal clock from the external clock, so it won’t generate events that are in-between clock ticks).

+1 about the swing part of your question. I 'm looking for that too. Grids sounds very nice with some swing, but that only works with the internal clock. That would not be so bad is grids could be used as a master clock. But the clock-out also has swing. Which is not ideal imho. And also: sometimes it is more convenient to have another device as master clock (e.g. your DAW). So the question is: how to get swing AND have grids play nice with an external clock.

It’s not possible.

So in that case, the only solution is to use something like this:
or this
if both a swung and strait clock is required?